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Travel guide three days tour

2018-03-05 16:00:00

As a person, I want to tell you that you can not go, the Yellow Crane Tower is not interesting, go to regret, even the steps are modern home decoration, failure! Here are three must-see places to visit.


I'll take you


You have the money


First, the Three Gorges. The poem describing the beauty of the Three Gorges is everywhere, Li Bai's "Upper Three Gorges" : the green sky, the water flow is Ruz. The water will soon be exhausted, and the sky will never come. Three days on the yellow bull, three nights on the too late. Three dynasties and three twilight, do not feel temples into silk. Lu You "Three Gorges Song" : twelve see nine peaks, the boat is full of autumn empty. Clouds at night rain muddy virtual rain, apes cry in the moon night. Miles across the Yangtze River, Chu Tianshu. No wind blows, better than a leisurely walk, today to relax. Son said in Sichuan: The dead like Sifu! The wind masts move, the turtle snake is quiet, and the pet map is raised. A bridge flying north and south, a natural cut into the road. More erect Xijiang stone wall, cut off clouds and rain, high gorge out of Pinghu. The goddess should be safe, which should surprise the world.


Second, Wudang Mountain. Wudang Mountain is one of the World Cultural Heritage Sites announced by the United Nations, and is China's national Key scenic area and national AAAAA scenic area. Wudang Mountain is also the birthplace of Taoism and Wudang martial arts, and is known as "the best immortal mountain in the world". "North Shaolin, South Wudang" harbor martial arts dream SAO Nian must not go ah!


Three. The Three Kingdoms cannot be avoided, a "Romance of The Three Kingdoms", nearly one-third of the length around, how many allusions come from this ah! The walls are well protected and well worth a visit!

Matters needing attention

Now the high-speed train is convenient, recommend self-help tour, casual tour, enough comfortable