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To the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, to these places is enough!

2018-03-09 04:48:00

Go to the Three Gorges, go to these places is enough by the Yangtze River cruise ticket network sales - Jiangyuncruise management [Xiazhong] Lu Xiang hundreds of miles, tree color balcony. See the sun at night, hear the wind and rain at night. Clouds from the Three Gorges, the days to several peaks open. The spirit is hard to see, the boat can return. [Shu Dao Mountain] Zhang said I spring in March, the mountain flowers. Pilin into the steep qian, climbing Cui Wei. Half peak, clear river out of the gorge. Who knows high deep meaning, Myanmar Miao heart quiet zai.


【 Colorful Tree Song 】 The precious tree of Chen Zi Ang Jia Jin Banquet, the fragrance of wrong colors. Shape Yaotai micro moon, point towards the cloud. Knot Fang meaning and who reward, resentment is unheard of. Red Rongbi Yan sit to see rest, suhua fleeting not to wait for you. Therefore, I think of the trees of Kunlun and hate the profusion of peaches and plums.


Three Gorges tourist season in the annual March - December between March, April, May temperature warming, outing travel Three Gorges to see green vitality in June, July, August, September summer cool, Three Gorges travel to see beautiful rivers and mountains in October, November, December red leaves red, view the Three Gorges red leaves all over the mountains personally think that each year in April, May or September, October period, It is a good season to visit the Three Gorges, because during these two periods, the climate there is moderate, visitors do not have to suffer from the hot summer, do not have to carry a lot of cold clothes to protect against the cold wind, and the mountains along the coast are greener than the people. I visited the canyon in April, the water of the Yangtze River is green, according to the guide on the ship, the water of the Yangtze River will turn yellow in summer, and in the season of early April, you can still see the rape fields and pink flowers on the shore, which is quite comfortable, not even in the flood season in July, the water of the Yangtze River is yellow, which may be a little ugly to take photos. Of course, if the subject is to see the spectacular flood of the Three Gorges Dam, it must be visited during the flood season. However, personal advice, want to experience the scenery of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River or in April to May is more appropriate, of course, November also has the flavor of autumn. When warm and cold, Shan Xiu. Whether it is the Three Gorges Family or Qingjiang Gallery, you can take a boat from Gezhouba all the way through the gorge to the Three Gorges Family, and you will be satisfied with this scenery! In fact, any season is good, free to go.


Take a look at our itinerary Day 1 2016-09-30 National Day this year to take my elderly parents and I to travel to the Three Gorges, search a circle on the Internet, decided to choose the Yangtze River Three Gorges 5-day semi-self-service tour (6 diamonds) on September 30, Yangtze River Exploration, link. Since there are elderly people on this trip, it is the most suitable to choose a cruise, which is comfortable and leisurely and will not tire the elderly. On September 1st, we placed an order in the Yangtze River Cruise ticket sales network early, and we set out on September 30th. After the order was completed, the implementation of the transportation to peace began. In order to have more time, it is expected to leave on September 29. So set to return on October 5, everything is ready, waiting for the day of departure, and did a lot of homework, the place to eat, drink and play also arranged a schedule. The day finally arrived. September 29, came, checked in a wine. The wine room was large, clean and in a good location.


Yangtze River Exploration room Room facilities, large area, quite luxurious "Yangtze River Exploration room" Our room on the Yangtze River Exploration room on board, the warm service cloud handed hot towels and lemon tea, check in, came to the room, the room is very large, settle the luggage, because of the time is late, early sleep. The ship doesn't leave until tomorrow morning. Day 2 2016-10-1 Gorge scenic spot Three Gorges in the longest section of the gorge, beautiful scenery on both sides of the morning of October 1, with a siren, our ship set sail, the first station is the gorge, the early morning sun slanted on the river, sparkling. Head up to the top deck, ask the waiter for a free coffee at the Discovery bar, and grab your camera to capture the moment. The gorge, 76 kilometers long, was famous for its dangers before the Three Gorges Dam was filled with water. After the dam is completed, the river channel is wide and the water surface is calm. It is really a high gorge out of a flat lake. Three Gorges people can watch Tujia folk customs buffet breakfast is very rich, after breakfast, the boat docked in the three Gorges people scenic spots, this is an activity at our own expense, we did not participate, only took some photos on the boat. Three Gorges Dam Tourist area Famous industrial tourist attractions, the dam imposing Three Gorges Dam scenic area Three Gorges Dam tourist Area and so on the disembarked tourists back to the boat, it is time for lunch. After eating a rich buffet lunch, the boat came to Sandouping Pier, which is the scenic spot of the Three Gorges Dam. All got off the boat to visit the dam scenic spot and saw the majestic dam and the five-class ship lock. After visiting the dam, we returned to the boat, which began to pass through the Class 5 lock, and we watched the cruise ship pass through the lock while eating dinner. Dinner is a la carte, we chose the Chinese set menu, there are many dishes, the taste is good. After dinner, there was a staff talent show in the theater.


Day 3 2016-10-02 Shennongxi Cultural Tourism area Shennongxi, originated from the main peak, flows through the county, from north to south through the deep mountains and valleys, to the mouth of the Wuxia east into the Yangtze River. Shennong Creek is a typical canyon stream with tight peaks on both sides and steep cliffs. The streams clash between the kniff-like gorge walls. The waterways are tortuous, and there are more than 60 places of dangerous shoals, long shoals, curved shoals and shoals in the fast-flowing streams. Shennongxi waterway is narrow but shallow, rafting is very exciting and safe. Today is the National Day, woke up in the morning, the ship has docked at the county dock. After breakfast we are going to visit Shennongxi scenic spot. The dock. Our cruise ship docked at the dock. Shennongxi bridge cultural tourism Area dock a lot of cruise ships, are to visit Shennongxi. We got off the boat and changed to a ferry to Shennongxi for tourists. On the ferry, enjoy the scenery of both sides, especially the mysterious hanging coffin. To the tourists, we changed to the local "pea pod" small wooden boat, began to drift. The local Tujia tour guide also taught us to sing folk songs along the way, and laughed all the way. Get to the top deck early for a view. There are explanations in both Chinese and English on board. Wu Gorge with a total length of more than 40 kilometers, famous for its beautiful peaks, the so-called twelve peaks, the most famous is the Goddess peak. Wuxia Twelve peaks, very famous scenic spot. The boat crossed the Wu Gorge and soon came to Qutang Gorge. Qutang Gorge, also known as Kui Gorge, with a length of 8 kilometers, is the shortest gorge among the Three Gorges. The most famous Kui Gorge is Kui Gate. The peaks on both sides of the river stand majestily, worthy of Kui Men of the world. The pattern on the ten yuan is Kui. Although the water level has risen, the river is still narrow, and in some places you can almost touch the mountain from the boat. Qutang Gorge, with its steep mountains, was originally the most dangerous section of the Three Gorges. The mountains are steep and the rivers are narrow. Kui gate, and ten yuan pattern is exactly the same Qutang Gorge after the Three Gorges, the sky is already dark. After dinner, there was a party in the theater, and a group of foreign tourists also arranged their own shows to perform. It was another relaxing night. The boat will dock tonight, the last stop of this Three Gorges tour.


Day 4 2016-10-03 Ghost town This yes, cottage, not much meaning of the original ghost town has now been submerged, now see is cottage, not much meaning ghost town gate ghost town early with as always after the rich breakfast, all tourists got off the ship came to the scenic spot, the ghost town here is, the old has been submerged in the water after the dam was built. There are many tourists during the National Day holiday. On the street outside the scenic area, there are many stalls selling snacks. The most famous snack here is "chili chicken". To go to the scenic spot to climb more than 600 steps, but also the cottage, we take the children to climb is not convenient, did not go up. A quick turn down the street, then back to the boat. The river scenery at night is still very beautiful, and it has passed the inundation area of the dam, which is the natural river course of the Yangtze River, and the ship has been moving forward all the way, passing, and will soon reach the city. There is a special dinner on board tonight, and all the staff are serving in traditional Chinese clothes. The dinner dishes were also richer than usual, and everyone rushed to take photos. River View at night Night view At about ten o 'clock in the evening, the ship docked at the Chao Pier. I had to get off the boat the next morning, feeling that time had passed too fast, the scenery had not seen enough, and the boat had not done enough. I wish I could go up the Yangtze River by boat to the source of the Yangtze River. The night lights were brilliant, very beautiful.


Day 5 2016-10-04 Today, get up early, pack up the luggage, the waiter will help us to carry the luggage to the lobby, the service here is very good. After breakfast, came to the lobby, there are already porter waiting in the lobby. Because there are many steps up the dock here, we have a lot of luggage, so we asked a porter, asking 100 yuan, counter-offer to 50 yuan. In the drizzle, we went ashore. There are unscrupulous cars on the road, charging high prices. Climbing the stairs, the taxi on the street is better than we thought. We quickly got a cab and took us to the Hilton. We arrived too early, the room has not yet quit, can not check in, decided to store luggage first and then demagnetizing port tour. Hilton wine around the traffic is very convenient, go out 100 meters less than the subway station, take line 1 soon to the magnetic gate. There are so many tourists in the magnetic port, it's crowded, and it's raining, so I can't take pictures. Bought some famous magnetic machine, and drove back to the wine. Hongya Cave commercial street has some characteristics, go to night beautiful night view. Evening to eat the famous "Qin Ma hot pot", that is really called a spicy ah. After eating hot pot, go to Hongya Cave to see the night scene. Hongya Cave is located by the river, the building is built on the mountain, the night view is very distinctive, comparable to the new world. There are a lot of snacks on the top, very lively.


Day 6 2016-10-05 In the morning went to the monument to eat breakfast, and then went to experience the Yangtze River ropeway. At noon, go to ASE's Kohama Building for a snack. Small bin building business is very good, fortunately we go early, otherwise there will be a long line. There are many varieties of snacks here, the environment is very good, that is, the price is a little expensive, we three people ate more than 270, not how to feel full. In the afternoon, take metro Line 3 to the airport, the subway is more crowded, after nearly 1 hour, you arrived at the airport. The plane took off on time at 6 o 'clock, ending our trip to the Three Gorges.


Shennv Creek: Shennv Creek is located on the Long Shore and originates from the official district of the county. The upstream name Guandu River, the downstream name river, Shennv Creek, in the foot of Shennv peak opposite Qingshi town into the Yangtze River. Shennv Creek, also known as "Beauty Creek" by locals, is 15 kilometers long, and 10 kilometers of it is a pristine valley that is rarely visited due to its rapid water flow and shallow and narrow path. After the third phase of water storage, you can explore the depths of the Xinei Canyon, beautiful scenery and original ecological residents "surprise" in front of visitors, the former only a few photographers know the Qifeng beautiful scenery, will become a new highlight of the Three Gorges tour.