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Three styles of American wedding

2018-03-19 00:00:00

The American wedding style is changeable, and the wedding is free and creative, so young people like it very much. A church wedding is sacred and solemn, and the wedding scene can also be arranged very beautiful, in the witness of relatives and friends and priests and love together on the red carpet is a happy thing. Moreover, the warm and quiet atmosphere of the church wedding is trusted and liked, and now many Chinese cities have churches, and it is convenient to do a church wedding. Second, the American country wedding, the style is changeable, it is best to choose in the spring and autumn, in the green grass and love riding a white horse, slowly moving forward is not a very romantic thing. This scene looks like a very living oil painting. On the wedding night, friends and family can sing and dance together with the couple. It's not just a wedding, it's a party. Many people like the romantic atmosphere of the American seaside wedding, the scene can be arranged as pure as heaven, and lovers accept the blessings of others on the beach, the seaside wedding can use the elements of shells, so that the wedding is closer to the theme.