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Three day tour quick guide

2018-03-08 04:48:00

With pleasant natural landscape and historical accumulation of six Dynasties culture, Ming culture and Republic of China culture, it is a garden city with both ancient and modern civilization. Not to miss several major tourist spots: the Gong Yuan, the Confucius Temple these two attractions are relatively close, about half a day or so can be visited, there is a Qinhuai River next to it, especially the boat, but you need to buy tickets. There is a street next to it with all kinds of souvenirs and crafts. The stone is the most. But I can't tell the truth. The price varies. Of course, we must mention all kinds of food, crab roe soup dumplings, endless aftertaste. There's also duck blood vermicelle soup, but I don't like duck liver in it, it's bitter. And the lion's head, when I saw the real thing, I was shocked, it was a big piece of the meatball, but the taste was OK, but a little greasy.


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Plan your route before you go. Considering the crowded season, hotels need to be booked in advance. Accommodation is recommended to live in the Xinjiekou or near the Confucius Temple, nearby attractions are more, and convenient to travel. Tickets can be purchased in advance with the software, either by train or by bullet train.


It's also nice to have a lot of memorials or parks with beautiful scenery.


Confucius Temple even carved in the inside, very realistic. The Qinhuai River pier opposite the Confucius Temple is also the starting point for visiting the Qinhuai River. There's also plenty to eat nearby.


Especially the delicious food, such as salted duck, crab roe soup, duck blood vermicellini soup and so on is just impossible to move your eyes.


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