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There are 10 characteristics of unsuccessful men

2018-04-22 22:24:45

As a member of society, after a certain age, the same thing as marriage is nothing but "career success". They become anxious as their colleagues' careers get on track and they don't change much. These people who have not made progress in their careers will feel that they have been in society for a long time, and nothing has gone wrong in their work, why does success not come to them? However, from the perspective of the supervisor and HR manager, these people have something in common. After consulting 200 bosses and personnel managers across Japan, Nikkan SPA has come up with a list of the characteristics of men who fail in their careers. Let's take a look. 1, the wife or girlfriend is not good (72%)2, the diet is sloppy (70%)3, not popular (66%)4, do not exercise at all (51%)5, parents too much interference (48%)6, few friends (40%)7, all information comes from the Internet (39%)8, the room is dirty (28%)9, stay at home on weekends sleep (25%) 10. Living at home (22 percent) Those who want to succeed in their careers but have not yet done so, check to see if they meet these characteristics. Don't be optimistic that work has nothing to do with life. Because, life's problems often reflect on the work. In particular, the most common daily habits on this list are "sloppy eating life", "no exercise", "dirty room" and so on. A 46-year-old advertising executive pointed out, "People who are sloppy about themselves are sloppy about their work. Even if they work hard without sleep, how can they move up if they can't even do the basics of their lives?" Among them, the tendency to choose a partner seems to become more pronounced. Some people think that "if a man's wife or girlfriend is not virtuous, he can not succeed." A person engaged in education related personnel pointed out that if your wife is not good at arranging wedding ceremonies and giving gifts at the end of the year and the Hungry Ghost Festival, she will become a stumbling block to your success. Because you have no good judgment, and you are not even good enough for your own wife." In addition, if you are at an age when you should be successful in your career, but you are "still living in your parents' home" or "too much parental interference," you are also at risk. One banker pointed out, "People who live at their parents' house all the time and can't leave their parents are not qualified for a job." Because they have been living a honey pot life, lack the sense of competition and decision-making ability." What's more, communication skills are a necessary element of management. A person who "doesn't seem to have many friends" or "just stays home and sleeps on weekends" is suspected of lacking this ability. A person who works in the production industry said, "Not even people who sleep late and wake up late on weekends and have nothing to do except drink." People who have no interest in life have lower communication skills and lower ability to arrange work. Because if you can arrange various things well, this ability will also be reflected in the work." None of this is asking you to change your entire routine. But never forget that our daily lives can have an unwitting impact on our work.