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Theme hospital Great Chester City walkthrough

2018-04-19 11:12:35

(Theme Hospital) is a management simulation computer game developed by Bullfrog


Let's start by dragging the mouse to the top left corner and setting the game speed to the minimum so that we can plan the departments and personnel


Building Part 01 A general diagnostic room of 4×4 is built after a grid at the gate, and then a diagnostic room is constructed after a grid is broken. The reason why a grid is left in the diagnostic room is to provide the patient with the path to the advanced diagnostic room. Note: The door of the diagnostic room faces to the right


In the upper left corner of Section 02, the 4x4 pharmacy is built to the very bottom next to the reengineering advanced diagnosis room, and the 6x6 ward is built opposite


Building Part 03 Next to the ward are built three 4×4 inflators, staff lounge and toilet


Building 04 Add two 5×6 research rooms and a psychiatric clinic to the right


Place a reception desk and then put the beverage machine, the fire extinguisher put a plant and heating next to the machine because it is a circular income, put two steps apart in the middle of the place and put a plant and heating in each department. Note: Do not put things in the corridor of a grid will be stuck, and it will buy space in the later period


Hiring 01 Hire 1 receptionist, 7 doctors, 6 cleaners, 3 nurses Note: Priority is given to hiring surgeons and R&D doctors


The higher the value of the ability to move faster, the more careless doctors and nurses are likely to cure people


Run the hospital 01 Set the game speed to normal to start the game


Run the hospital 02 All diseases that cannot be treated at this stage are sent to the autopsy machine


Run the hospital 03 For emergencies, have a few extra benches next to the pharmacy


Run the hospital 04 Appropriate loan $25,000 to buy land below to build a tongue relaxer and pharmacy Note: The $sign in the lower left corner is a loan, timely repayment to save interest money


Operation hospital 05 immediately after the operation in the new place


Operating the hospital 06 Remove the original inflators, move to the newly purchased site, and expand the staff lounge


Run the hospital 07 In case of an emergency patient, you can click the door of the pharmacy and drag the patient to another pharmacy


At the end of the game to adjust the speed of the fastest, by the end of the successful clearance