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The weighing principle of forklift scale

2018-04-09 09:36:38

Forklift scale adopts a unique structure for weighing, high-precision sensor is installed at the end of the chain, the instrument is installed on the side column, and the forklift power supply is directly used.


Forklift weighing instrument main engine


Load cell


Install a pressure sensor on the chain mounting bolt of the forklift truck, the chain pulls the screw, and then the sensor is stressed, and the internal door frame is fixed above the screw, so it is a pressure force!


The tension of the chain is measured, and the accurate value of the weight is obtained by intelligent calculation and processing of the measured sensor signal.


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Support full dynamic measurement, the instrument shows the weight of the goods, can directly print the pound sheet; The accuracy error is controlled at about 1%, ensuring that users can directly observe and track information such as the weight of a single cargo and the cumulative weight of multiple cargo.

Matters needing attention

High-precision sensor, mounted on the inside of the forklift door frame, very good to avoid the impact of the forklift weighing process