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The way a middle-aged woman takes care of herself

2018-04-21 03:12:01

Time flies, a woman's best years in the busy work and heavy housework become the past. Menopause, quietly came around. Think of yourself a little sad, have not taken good care of themselves, is already old. Wrinkles on the face, white hair on the head, abnormal periods, irritable mood... How to alleviate all this? I have a few feelings and methods to share with you.


Acknowledge your physical changes from the bottom of your heart. After the age of 40, menopause began to knock on the door, the first performance is abnormal menstruation, which is also the most important sign of menopause. Your period is either early or late; Either come and stay, or go and stay. The amount, sometimes a lot, sometimes very little, at this time, menstruation is not normal, but it is normal, because it has entered menopause. Don't think that you are sick, see a doctor everywhere, will spend a lot of money. It's not necessary.


Acknowledge your emotional changes. With the abnormal period, the mood is also with the ups and downs, often they will inexplicably sad tears, often alone will be sad; Often excited, a word from others, even a look, their own ears into the heart, sad, excited ah. Recognize the changes in your mind. I think sometimes I get paranoid. See others gather, see themselves and disperse, and think that they are saying bad things about themselves. What others say to them, they have to think for a long time, always feel that it is for their own language. I can't wait to find someone else to theorize. Actually, it's all my own reasons


Get out of the house and participate in more physical activities. There are lots of activities for middle-aged women. If you don't go to work and finish your chores, you can participate in some nearby activities on time, dancing, square dancing, ballroom dancing, entertaining yourself, a lot of it, as long as you step out of the house, there are many activities.


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If you're still at work, take time out in the evening and in the morning to get active. I basically go out at night, in the summer, in the morning, play ball, jog, dance, and stop when I feel a little tired.


Keep a good attitude, don't be afraid of wolves and tigers, afraid of people gossiping, afraid of doing well, as long as you do it, it is beautiful. Serious women are the most beautiful.


Choose to communicate with people, choose a few like-minded friends, talk about their own distress, talk about the depression in the heart, even if others can not pay attention to you, you will reduce your inner pressure. Chic up, detached up, middle-aged women are equally beautiful, menopausal women also have charm!

Matters needing attention

Make sure you tell yourself that menopause is a normal physiological stage for women


Get involved in sports.