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The use of Liangxin Yiyi neck pillow

2018-04-15 08:00:40

Adjust the shape at will, meet the requirements of personal cervical physiological curve, fit the cervical vertebra effectively support. Like the ordinary pillow at home, you must lie on your back when you start the pillow, fill the pillow with the neck, so that the back of the head has a sense of suspension, the supine time varies from person to person, when you are sleepy and tired, according to your usual sleeping habits. Do whatever you want. The more comfortable you are, the better. The pillow is very suitable for long-term pillow use, long-term pillow use will benefit not only the cervical spine, the pillow can effectively improve the quality of sleep, with the improvement of long-term sleep quality, the whole person's physique will be greatly improved. When the core is used to benefit the neck pillow, the physiological curvature of the cervical spine forward will automatically coincide with the benefit of the neck pillow, according to the concave shape formed by your own head and neck, to ensure that the cervical spine bones are evenly stressed, and the weight of the head is used to naturally stretch the deformed disc, and the cervical spine is effectively and accurately arc traction according to its own physiological curvature. The deformed and protruding intervertebral disc can be corrected and reduced, so as to restore the physiological balance of the cervical spine; It can quickly improve local blood circulation and quickly relieve the symptoms of cervical spondylosis and dizziness caused by insufficient brain blood supply. Pillow core fabric European quality German Ivoron protective material tough and durable, good permeability: it effectively makes up for the DuPont anti-mite cloth poor permeability defects, anti-mite at the same time, but also has good permeability. And tough and durable, frequent washing will not affect its anti-mite performance, is an excellent choice for making bedding! Health anti-mite, anti-allergy: Germany Evron anti-mite cloth has excellent anti-mite effect, in Germany, is a medical grade anti-mite fabric. If the Ivoron anti-mite cloth is used on bedding, it can completely avoid various diseases caused by mite allergy, so that users can enjoy a comfortable home life at the same time, but also enjoy a healthy home life! Moreover, its ingredients are pure, without any chemical treatment, and have no side effects on the human body. Soft to feel, comfortable to touch: The bed made of the anti-mite cloth by Evolon, after washing, feels softer and more comfortable, while effectively preventing mites, it will not affect its comfortable performance, is currently the only material in the world that can achieve such an effect.