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The Three Kingdoms of Heroes are in progress

2018-04-29 22:24:07

In this game, there are many players do not understand the Fa is, so today Xiaobian here to share a little of my experience, I hope to bring you help.


When you use Mana, try to target vulnerable mage and output heroes


Use Vajra protection to protect yourself in a crisis, try to trap enemies with immobilizing skills and then attack them with flying stones


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


When friendly forces use Fazheng, the Fazheng casting distance is closer, as far as possible to help Fazheng close to the enemy


The enemy affected by Fa body art can not move, as far as possible to export them, Fa Zheng outbreak ability is strong, leaving the bloody enemy to him is a good choice, Fa Zheng survival ability is weak, pay attention to protect him in the group battle


When the enemy uses Fazheng, mage and output heroes should stay away from Fazheng as much as possible, and be sure to minimize Fazheng's Nemesis in the case of low health


When affected by Dharma can still attack and release skills, Dharma survival ability is weak, the group battle can consider the priority to kill him