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The Three Kingdoms 2 Daily activities introduction

2018-04-14 11:12:23

Every day must do "Three Kingdoms 2" daily activities full search


As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm and the worm gets the bird. There is no worm that gets up early and gets up late in The Three Kingdoms, and players must not miss the daily activities if they want to easily get massive rewards. Whether it is the lovely tower defense map, or the ladder arena that reveals the faint breath of egg pain, as long as the player is willing to try, life will be able to be like what Yancan Mage said, it is a well guess into the thorn!


This year's festival does not receive gifts, receive gifts on the tower defense number. The tower defense game in The Three Kingdoms II is often ignored by players because it does not have much impact on the main story, but if you try its taste, you must be irrevocably intoxicated by it. The tower defense game has only 30 opportunities per day, and the difficulty is much lower than those main missions that often seconds your entire army, but the rewards are very rich, not only treasure chests, silver, but also the number of military orders to increase the number of Tours. In addition, the elite tower defense triggered at a specific time every day will give a variety of rare props.


Every time I think of playing the ladder arena in The Three Kingdoms, my younger brother has a faint pang. Without them, there are plenty of strong players in the game, and the number one spot in the arena is highly competitive, but this does not prevent the arena from being a way for players to earn daily rewards. Players can launch 10 challenges in the arena every day, regardless of the winner will get a certain honor and silver. Honor can go to honor to exchange for a variety of high-quality martial arts cards, and the higher the ranking in the arena, the richer the reward.


In The Three Kingdoms II, each player has a rank, and by increasing their contribution, players can slowly rise from a civilian to a vassal, or even a general responsible for protecting the entire country. Different title levels, the daily salary is not the same, the player has to do is just gently click the mouse, the silver and gift bag are in the bag. At the same time, every time the player completes an activity in the game, the activity of the character will increase, and when the activity reaches a certain level, remember to receive the corresponding reward ~~


"The Three Kingdoms 2" is prepared to have a large number of daily activities, as long as you are willing to play, you will be able to get massive rewards, who says that with the cost of civilians can not play the strength of the super R! The journey of the battle of the three countries is waiting for you to personally open.