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The taboo of choosing curtains

2018-04-18 19:12:26

There is a very important place in soft clothing, that is the choice of curtains, because although it looks like a small plate, but in fact, it is very important, because we need to use it in every room. And the curtain is actually in feng shui, but also pay attention to.


The measurement of curtain data needs three, one is the length of the pole at home; Second, the length of the curtain track; The third is the overall height from the ground, and the measurement of these three data is based on the preliminary installation of the home. If there is no initial installation at home, it is necessary to accurately measure the height of the window, and carefully communicate with the home when purchasing, it is best to take photos.


Second, the choice of style matching curtains is to make the room style more coordinated and unified, and even to a certain extent, to improve the overall style. Therefore, when choosing curtains, we must pay attention to the coordination of the overall style of the house. It is suggested that if there is a designer, give it to the designer, and if there is not, take photos and communicate with the family.


Choose curtains according to the orientation of the room to meet the corresponding needs. East-west facing rooms need to choose high shading curtains, but to remember the degree of not more than 80%. Because the excessively dark environment is not good for the human body, although it can ensure the stability of sleep, it is also easy to mislead the time, resulting in the destruction of the biological clock.


This article is based on experience


The common hooks on the market have Korean and four Java hooks, which will not be introduced in detail here. In simple terms, it is directly recommended to choose four grappling hooks. Both in terms of material and use are more appropriate. Cheap, good-looking and easy to clean.


The double need here refers to whether cloth and yarn are needed in the selection of curtains. The answer, of course, is yes. In contrast, it is also necessary to install double poles and double rails. Be sure not to cloth the same rod, not only can not play a role in ensuring privacy, but also until the end of the installation, you will feel very "unique" just want to choose to start over.