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The post-80s personalized wedding planning program makes your wedding full of personality

2018-03-18 14:24:00

After 80, we grow up in a new era, eager for free romantic love, the important wedding in life is to break the routine, the pursuit of romantic chic. Bring a series of personal wedding planning plans after 80, some publicity, some mystery, some unique, some chic...... Let's take a look at these personalized wedding planning solutions, there is always one that will make your heart flutter.


Underwater wedding feasible index: ☆☆☆ Suitable season: summer may you have heard of underwater wedding photos, underwater wedding feel very strange? The smart post-80s can set up wedding venues in various places, and the stylish undersea wedding is prepared for the bravest new people. Give up Yonghua wedding dress, wear colorful diving suit, with the assistance of diving instructor, will be the seabed as a wedding paradise. Swimming fish, colorful coral, will become the most beautiful decoration of your wedding, will also become the best witness of your love.


Second, yacht wedding feasible index: ☆☆☆ Suitable season: late spring, summer, early autumn season, is the best season for sailing on a yacht. A yacht wedding is full of gorgeous atmosphere, carrying your family and friends, sailing the yacht to the harbor of love. The dazzling sunshine and the blue sea, the natural scenery makes people move. Water and sky together, make the moment you put a ring on each other forever. When night falls, enjoy the food while holding an open-air dance party on the brightly lit back deck, dancing with the sea breeze.


Three, beach wedding feasible index: ☆☆☆☆ ☆ Suitable season: late spring, summer and early autumn, is a good season for bonfire barbecue. The beach wedding is very atmospheric and romantic, and has become the preferred wedding method for many couples. If you don't want your seaside wedding to become similar, you can add more links to enrich the wedding. You can choose to hold the wedding on the beach at dusk, the sunset can create the most warm atmosphere for the wedding. After the wedding is held, don't let go of this period of time at night, hold a bonfire party, let everyone talk and laugh around the bonfire, and return home happily.


Four, travel wedding feasible index: ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ Suitable for the season: you can enjoy different beauty all year round. Travel is the dream of many young people, busy work and life always make us have no time to see the scenery. It is better to set the wedding on the road, although there is no blessing of relatives and friends, but can enjoy the scenery on the road, is not a beautiful witness to love? However, couples who decide to conduct a travel marriage should pay attention to the full planning of the trip before departure, everything must be arranged, in order to realize the wonderful travel marriage.


Five, courtyard wedding feasible index: ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ Courtyard wedding, both economic and innovative, choose a beautiful courtyard to hold a wedding, in the small stream murmuring sound, in the lush grass accompanied by the blessing of colorful flowers, their new friends will all friends and relatives invited to this big family, in their blessing, a simple wedding ceremony. A big lunch is followed by a free break, where people can talk, walk in the garden, let the children play on the swings, and the whole wedding will revolve around looking at family. It's the kind of wedding that's best for a quiet couple, isn't it?


With the sacred "wedding March", walking on the red carpet, the beautiful bride arm in arm his father slowly walked into the sacred palace, the father of the bride entrusted his daughter's happy life to her sweetheart at this moment. The bride took the groom's hand, together will not be the wedding hall, under the guidance of the priest oath to each other, make a lifetime commitment, whether poor or suffering, will not abandon...... The bride and groom, surrounded by friends and family, walk out of the church to the sound of happy music and throw the bride's bouquet of flowers to the next happy woman. The woman who receives the bouquet, the next happiness will begin from her.


Seven, lawn wedding feasible index: ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆ Lawn wedding, new hand in hand walking like a soft boundless carpet green lawn together into the wedding hall, surrounded by flowers and green leaves made of the arch circle out of the main venue area, a neat long table covered with flowers and beautiful meals. The bride and groom will each other in this lively atmosphere of champagne open, let the blue sky for you to testify, the earth, blue sky, sunshine, green grass, flowers, together for this romantic wedding blessing, in such as Yin lawn to accept the sincere wishes of friends and relatives. Let's all walk into the beautiful nature wedding!