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The most practical travel tips easy to play do not ask people

2018-03-09 22:24:00

【 Introduction 】 : Pleasant climate, the most air, the most warm sunshine, the most blue sea water, the most gentle beach, the most charming beauty, the most delicious seafood...... Have been given to this southernmost coastal tourist city in China. You must have seen a lot of various travel strategies, the purpose of this article is, not the most complete, only the most practical, immediately print, carry the bag can go...




Easy play does not ask for people


The best time to visit is from September to April. Autumn and winter are warm and pleasant, and winter is the best time to visit the seaside. In winter, even if the other corners of the earth cold hit, you can still wear summer clothes, beach shoes in the sunny beach leisurely walk, soak in the warm water, eat tropical fruits, enjoy the romance of the cape. Every year in December, the city holds the international wedding festival, the festival location is generally selected in the cape such as both commemorative significance and scenery is very beautiful place, so that travel into a lifetime unforgettable things. If the lunar calendar is on March 3 and September 9, you can see ethnic songs and dances and performances that are not common, and you can participate in various festival activities. (See festival) Reminder: there are many people during the festival, the room is not good to book, if you like clean and do not want to bear too high travel costs, it is best to avoid the peak. Shoulder season is suitable for tourism all year round, and the tourism business is hot all year round, there is no obvious off-peak season, only in the summer, before and after the National Day there is a relative shoulder season. The hottest month is June, with an average temperature of 28.5 ° C and an extreme maximum temperature of 35.7 ° C. The summer is affected by the monsoon climate, and there will be typhoon weather, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of tourists to travel. At this time, the price of wine will drop slightly, and the number of people is relatively small.


Wuzhizhou Island combines the richness and uniqueness of tropical island tourism and is known as a "lover's paradise". The island's beautiful natural scenery, all kinds of holiday villas, wooden houses, bars, tennis courts, seafood restaurants and other supporting facilities, and has been carried out including diving, semi-submersible sightseeing, sea fishing, water skiing, sailing water parachute, beach volleyball, beach football and other more than 30 sea and beach entertainment projects. It brings primitive, quiet, romantic and dynamic leisure experience to tourists who come for sightseeing and vacation. Temple Temple is located 40 kilometers west of the city, is located in the cultural tourism area of the "Buddhist culture park", is a style of ancient Tang mountain facing the sea large temple, the whole magnificent, covers an area of 400 acres, for China's 50 years the largest dojo, but also the largest temple in the south. Temple occupies a superior geographical location, around the hills, facing the boundless waves. Temple imitation Tang wind Geyi mountain, scattered, gathering a strong Chinese traditional Buddhist culture, is a must go to one of the tourist attractions.


Must do beach walk sun loungers, you are not going anywhere, stay on the beach every day, will not lose. Swimming, walking, basking in the sun on a lounge chair - comfortable. If you see a hammock, play with it. It's good.


If you prefer to walk, it is recommended to walk along the beach of Asia, from Asia Plaza to Sheraton, and back, you can cross the Marriott Hotel and take the Avenue. There are few people here, the quiet and romantic, just like walking in their own garden Wuzhizhou Island water games are very complete. Diving is very good, mainly shore diving and boat diving, diving instructor will teach everyone the theory of diving. Even if you can't swim, it doesn't matter, when diving, the lift is controlled by the instructor through the equipment. Banana boat is a threesome, you have to wear a swimsuit or you'll get wet, and you'll be thrown overboard, but you'll be safe, and you'll be saved, and it'll be like Titanic. Driving with a convertible is probably the most suitable city in China to drive a convertible. Rent a car and go for a spin on the famous boulevard Coconut Dream Corridor. Driving along the road from south to north, listening to the sound of the waves beating on the shore along the way, breathing the sea breeze, moving to enjoy the sea view, it is very pleasant. Avenue straight to the bay, from start to finish about 30 minutes, along the way there are some seafood stalls, resorts, tired can eat something, enjoy.

Method/Step 2

The International Airport is the largest international airport, located 14 kilometers northwest of the city and 5 kilometers west of the Cape Scenic Area. At present, it has opened air routes to 、、、、, Hong Kong, Macao, 、、、、、、、 and 63 cities at home and abroad. Among the international arrivals, citizens of countries with diplomatic relations with China can handle "visa on arrival" at the port with ordinary passports, and at the same time, group tourists from some countries can implement "visa exemption" within 15 days. Airport transportation: 1, economic route - Airport bus airport has opened the airport to the city of the bus line 8, can be direct from the station to the airport, operating time 6:00-23:00, every 10 minutes or so a bus, the airport bus station in the front of the highway in the terminal. Charge standard: 5 yuan/person at airport; City - Airport 4 yuan/person. Route and stop: Station - Yuya Road - Chaoami Bridge - Bridge - Road - Road - Wan Road - Red Sun Restaurant - Haihong Road - Airport Road station - Airport station 2, the airport bus at the airport exit, you can reach the city, Yamato. Airport departure according to the flight situation, as long as there is a flight to Hong Kong there are civil buses waiting (under normal circumstances the last bus time is 00:30). See the Airport Bus stop schedule for local, metropolitan and Asian airport arrival times and bus stops. Airport Line a: Airport - big ticket price 15 yuan, about 45 minutes by car. Route: Shanhaitian Grand Wine-Baohong Longdu Wine-Yintai Resort Wine-Pearl River Garden Wine-South China Grand Wine-Linda Seaview Wine-Guest International Wine-Danzhou Community - International Airport Line b: Airport - Bay - Municipal Party Committee (Hongzhou Edree Wine) full ticket price 15 yuan, airport to the resort 10 yuan. Hongzhou Edrey Wine-Tiancheng Shopping Mall bus stop - Yuechuan Bridge bus stop - Seaview Wine-Bihai Blue Sky Wine-Resort - Coconut Forest Beach Resort wine-Tianfuyuan Resort wine-HNA Resort wine-Kempinski Resort Wine-Airport 3, airport taxi from the airport to the city about 25 minutes, the fare is about 40 yuan; To big 27 km, 40-50 yuan; To Asia 50 km, 80-100 yuan; The distance to the bay is relatively close, ranging from 10-30 yuan according to the distance, you can negotiate a good price with the driver. If you want to view the sea, you can ask the driver to walk. [Train] The new railway station is located in the suburb of Litchi Gou, and the city can be reached by bus No. 204. Ticket price 1 yuan/person. You can also take a taxi to the city to the train station, the fare is generally within 10-15 yuan. At present, it has opened direct flights to the west, south and other places. From the railway station, you can go by train, generally in the morning, but fewer trains. The trip takes about four hours. Foreign visitors can also choose to enter via China via a direct express train. 36.5 hours to train; Up to 35 hours; Up to 15 hours.


The accommodation is available in three bays: Great, Bay and Asia. The big advantage is close to the city, shopping, eating, travel, entertainment is convenient, there are fireworks on the beach at night, make quiet, economical.


Asia is one of the most beautiful bay, the sea color has layers, the beach is whiter. However, the consumption of Asian wine is relatively the highest, far from the city (more than 20 kilometers), shopping, eating, travel are not convenient, if the economy allows even consider living in the thatched hut on Wuzhizhou Island for a night. The best choice of wine is seaside wine, or wine with a private beach. You don't have to pay too much for a sea view. In fact, every day in addition to sleeping at night, stay in the room time is not much, have the interest to lean on the fence to look at the sea, early thinking of running directly to the sea. In addition, a lot of old wine, it is best to stay in the newly completed wine, its hardware facilities are relatively good. Booking wine through different ways, prices often vary greatly, many places can get the lowest discount price of wine. When the food arrives, sitting in a fine wine dipping in a fine dish of seafood, it is really a boring thing. Only the wind blowing the market, it is a living color. But remember, this "spring Garden" refers to "Spring Garden Seafood square", not "Spring Garden Seafood stall", the latter will let you spend 10 times the money, eat 1/10 of the former seafood. What is more ironic is that the reputation of "spring Garden" is too loud, resulting in the birth of a number of "spring garden department" around, such as "spring Yuan", "spring stockpile"... And so on, and so on, and so on, and so on. "Spring Garden" is a "before and after the mill" type of food stall, next to a aquaculture market, select seafood, carried directly to each open fire stall processing. Optional seafood side furnace, a pot, only the live seafood into the throw, eat is original, the bottom of the pot charge 10, other seafood per catty plus 2 yuan cleaning fee; Or ask the stall owner to help stir-fry, steamed garlic noodles, fermented black bean sauce, stewed eggs... Turn the pattern for seafood out of a variety of "shape", 5 yuan a dish, individual "old difficulties" separately. I still prefer to play the side stove, the most primitive sea breath, all into the mouth, which is very enjoyable. The most admired by netizens is the "6 row 6" booth, which is very conspicuous - the owner's wife who looks like Wu Junru. "Wu Junru" not only cooks a good dish, but also thinks about the diners, all kinds of "difficult diseases", all thrown to her, like a local "travel guide". She suggested that we go to the "first market" to buy seafood, to the "Spring Garden" to process, the price is at least 1/3 cheaper. On the second day, we went to the "first market" known only to local people, and bought raw oysters at $2.2 / catty, live golden fish at $17 / catty, wild prawns at $15 / catty, fresh scallops at $2.5 / catty... The price of the above living creatures in the "Spring Garden" seafood stall is 6 yuan, 25 yuan, 25 yuan, 6 yuan. "Wu Junru" is so sweet! However, it needs to be reminded that the "first market" will be closed around 5 p.m. every day, and it is necessary to buy seafood as early as possible. There are many fruit wholesale stalls in the market, you can also stroll around, kill the price, even if you can not kill down, it is also a point of interest. Address: Located at the west end of the city River, walk about 300 meters straight to the right side of the main gate of the city Park. You can take a taxi from the city for 5 yuan, and the bus can take No. 7 directly to here. Live big can take 2 road to get off the pearl Square, from the pearl Square directly through the back door of the square, diagonal opposite is about 20 meters Spring garden seafood square, do not take a taxi directly to spring Garden or the driver will bring a fake spring garden shopping, go back to always bring something, mostly concentrated in three categories: specialty (snacks), seafood fruits, shells. You can buy these downtown. Try not to buy at scenic spots.


The best specialty is to go to the big supermarket in the city. The biggest local supermarkets are Pearl Square, Wanhao Supermarket and Wanfrong, which can be reached by bus No. 202. If you want to buy fruit, you must go to the heart of the "first farmers market". Take the No. 202 bus and get off at the First Market stop. The variety is very rich, can buy varieties: mangosteen, mango, dragon fruit, star fruit, the price is relatively cheap, but the quality and weight can not be guaranteed (it is recommended to take a bottle of mineral water that is not opened, you can test their accuracy at any time). It's better to buy by the carton for shipping. Entertainment nightlife, an important factor in vacation travel, during the day can go to the sun, shopping, to the night can not hold in the room to play cards and watch TV? Of course we have to go wild. Many people do not know what the nightlife in addition to seafood stalls, in fact, there are many bars, the night is quite good, because there are many foreigners, so these nights are quite international. A bar street is located opposite the district, a street with about twenty nights, the evening is very lively. According to the recommendations of taxi drivers, the most popular bars are as follows: Eighty-Eight Bar, Famous Mirror Bar and Allen Bar, and quite a few customers want to go there by name.


Classic 5-day tour Recommended Day 1: Fly to the beautiful city of China's second largest island and check in for a drink. Day 2: After breakfast, you can go to the 4A scenic spot known as "Hawaii" - Asia National Tourism Area, visit Asia Square, shell Hall, beach, and enjoy playing on the beach; Yang Fan went fishing. Day 3: Sleep in after a day of fun! After breakfast, Wuzhizhou Island + Nantian; Take in the clear sky, the blue water, the warm beach. Day 4 After breakfast, Janodar Rainforest + Small fish,


Start the mysterious "world rainforest discovery journey", let the unchanged love walk the rainforest, breathe the heartbeat of love together, let the magical and mysterious rainforest freeze the most romantic walk, let the mountain secluded birds freeze the most sacred love. Day 5 - Fly back to breakfast, visit the local supermarket, buy some gifts for friends and family! Then head to the airport for your sweet home.