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The lesson of the Great stone

2018-04-30 00:00:43

Dream westward journey Hongmengshi experience task guide. "Dream Journey to the West" 2018 new Xian clan school Flower Fruit Mountain was released in the full suit, at the same time, it also opened the new artifact task "Hongmengshi Jian", "Jian" here means "things that make people wary or take as a lesson", also known as "mirror". In this artifact story, the future of the flower and fruit Mountain is destroyed, the Great Sage of Qi and the monkeys regret it, so they go back to the past through the power of the lamp Buddha, and strive to change all this. Let's take a look at Hongmengshi's guide.


The old rules, in Yang Jian here to get the task, 1X difficulty is basically just to let us familiar with the next play and plot. The new artifact of the Hongmeng Stone in the first battle. The lesson of the new artifact


Maitenhime TG, will be confused. Dragon Prince TG, will be thundering. The Lord didn't notice, he was taken out in the first round. In this battle, we recommend killing Maitenhime first. The new artifact The Discovery of the new artifact The discovery of the new artifact The discovery of the new artifact The discovery of the new artifact the author chose the first option, the latter one will be tested next time. The new artefacts of the Great Stone, the new artefacts of the great stone


Master HS, Speed one, swarm push. Swarm push 4200 blood per unit. ST, the Mighty Ape, turns and then loses his shot. The other monkeys are all legal. The LG dragoon. MW group seconds. After entering this scene, if you find that the screen seems to be cracked, it is actually a normal phenomenon, because the planning creates a sense of space and time cracks, please see the name of the map. The lesson of the new artifact


Even the battle is so blurred, I'm sure it's in HD... The master will have the exclusive spell "Great Power swing", which will attack for a while, and then will appear in the same state as after sweeping, meaning "exhaustion" and anti-attack. Elite Monkey soldiers plenary physical attack. Undead Old Monkey HS, group push a unit of 4200 blood... It is recommended to kill the elite monkey soldiers first, then kill the old monkey, and finally harvest the master, or point it when the main force is exhausted. The new artefacts of the Great stone, the new artefacts of the great stone, the new artefacts of the great stone


This is the monster of the future flower and fruit Mountain, the little dragon girl is so unworldly, I want to catch one... The tiger will strike, the dragon girl will attack. Black bears only attack physically. The discovery of the new artefact, the Great Stone, the new artefact


This part is to look for Hongmeng stone fragments in the scene of "Fissures Flower and Fruit Mountain". When you touch Skyfire, click the icon to switch to the past. After passing through the sky fire, click the icon to cross back to the "Crack Flower Mountain" to look for debris. The lesson of the new artifact