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The glass glue is introduced in detail

2018-05-11 09:36:11

The use of glass glue is very wide, especially in the decoration, the frequency of use is very high, many people will use glass glue to fix furniture supplies, to avoid furniture instability or local fall off after decoration and other problems. The following is to introduce the waterproof glass glue and glass glue purchase skills.




Glass glue can play a waterproof effect, but when using glass glue to stick things, the next thing must not touch water, although the glass glue is waterproof, but in the case of wet operation can not play a waterproof effect. Glass glue does have a waterproof effect, and the waterproof performance is particularly strong, and it will be able to do about 24 hours after use.


1, not cheap Many consumers will be cheap, buy cheap glass glue, this cheap glass glue, the quality is relatively poor, not only affect the quality of the project, service life, but also cause rework, delay the construction period.


2, pay attention to anti-mildew because the bathroom is more humid, easy to mold, a long time is very ugly. Therefore, when purchasing glass glue, try to choose glass glue with mildew proof and moisture-proof, and the viscosity and tension of well-known brand glass glue are 3-20 times stronger than low-grade glass glue, and the service life is 10-50 times longer.


3, When purchasing glass glue, it is necessary to test the glue, by smelling, comparing, checking particles, looking at bubbles and other methods in verification.


4, look at the packaging can see the date of the glass glue, use, use instructions and other content is clear and complete, the home must be marked on the packaging bottle specifications and net content.


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