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The fastest thin face method - thin waist mask easy compress

2018-03-08 20:48:00

Small V face, melon face is the dream of many MM, in fact, it is not difficult to have such a face shape, the use of face slimming method can easily have, now to learn the face slimming mask production!

Green Tea firming and slimming mask

This face slimming mask can not only thin the face and lose weight, but also whiten the skin, emulsify fat, and help supplement digestion and absorption, mainly because green tea powder is rich in vitamin C and cholic acid.


Green tea face mask required materials are egg yolk, green tea powder, flour, the specific practice is to first beat the egg yolk, and then add green tea powder, mix well, and finally add flour mix, this mask is made.


The specific use of face slimming mask is very simple to apply the mask on the face, stay for 10 minutes, and wash off with warm water.

Carrot face slimming mask

Carrot face mask can stimulate facial metabolism, improve blood circulation, but also can lose weight, mainly because carrots are rich in B vitamins and food fiber, for weight loss is very beneficial, while drinking carrot juice, can eliminate the desire for greasy food, play a role in controlling appetite.


The material required for this facial mask is only carrot, egg yolk, lotus root powder, the specific method is simpler, is to juice the carrot first, and then put the lotus root powder and egg yolk in a bowl, beat well, and finally mix the three materials together, put this mask on the face, and then wash off with warm water when the mask is caked.