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The dignity of the third-line luxury brand, these three flagship sedans are coming!

2018-03-16 17:36:00

I believe many people have brushed such a short video: the background is a picture of Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Wang Jianlin and the short video author's photo together, and then accompanied by a text: "The wealth of our four people combined, enough to shake the whole Asia." Obviously, it was a trick, because with the three of them, it didn't matter if the other one was penniless. Some people say: "80% of the world's wealth, in the hands of 20% of the people", the proportion of wealth is not so hard to say, but it is certain that wealth in the hands of a few people is correct. In fact, minority groups have a lot in life is almost the law, some people can change 30 girlfriends a month, while some people don't have a girlfriend at the age of 30; Some people can own the whole garage, while I have to empty my wallet to buy a car.


In the automobile industry is no exception, first-line brands and first-line luxury brands always attract the majority of attention, people buy joint venture car attention will first focus on Toyota, Volkswagen and other brands; Buying a luxury car will give priority to BBA, even if you choose a domestic car, you will first look at Geely and the Great Wall. However, those ordinary people also have shining points, those non-first-line car brands are also eager to get people's attention, each brand actually has its own characteristics, especially luxury brands. Let's talk about a few flagship models of second, third and even "wireless" luxury brands today, although you will certainly not buy, but have to admit that they also have their own shining points.


In the past few years, although the car has not sold a few units, but DS is still very strong, not only there is no exit, but also will launch a new car, it is DS9. Although the DS car is difficult to cause the desire to buy, but it is by no means nothing, in terms of design, it stands out, at least in my eyes can reach the standard of luxury brands. The detailed design and line characterization of DS9 can reflect a good sense of premium, which is no less than that of a first-line luxury brand.


Interior design has always been the best French car, in the DS is more incisive, its design is not only reflected in the whole, in the keys and other details can also feel its exquisite. However, the interior of the DS9 is a little less fresh, because it is basically the same as the previous DS7, of course, its materials can be called luxury, a lot of Alcantara material and Nappa leather coverage is obviously less than other luxury brands.


Although it is known as the "flagship car", the DS9 is actually just a medium-sized car, its length, width and height are 4933/1855/1468mm, the wheelbase is 2895mm, and the medium-sized car after the extension of BBA. Interestingly, DS9 will use plug-in hybrid, perhaps the official feel that the medium-sized car with 1.6T engine is a little bit of meaning, so to "add some electricity", the total power of this hybrid system 228 horsepower, in addition to the launch of 254 horsepower and 365 horsepower high-performance four-wheel drive version of the model, considering that some people do not like the hybrid, A 1.8T model will also be launched for the Chinese market. It is worth mentioning that China will be the origin of DS9, the model will be sold from China to the world, which shows the importance of DS to the market.


The first time I saw the Jaguar XJ, I was a student, I didn't have much knowledge, I saw such an atmosphere, the front of the car still standing a small leopard, suddenly feel very tall, after so many years, XJ did not become more with the passing of time, but because of poor sales last year discontinued. Have to admit, Jaguar's process is really not good, open a few years by abnormal noise, failure to make a lot of owners in the car, but only from the driving level evaluation, Jaguar still has a luxury brand "cool". Since its birth in 1968, XJ has multiplied eight generations of models, Jaguar of course is not willing to die such a profound model, after a short production halt, Jaguar is brewing to launch a new generation of XJ, but it will become pure electric models.


The span from fuel vehicles to pure electric vehicles is not small, which means that you will step on another runway, and this runway has already had some car companies take the lead, Tesla; At the same time, it will also compete with its old rival, BBA, which has begun to transition to pure electricity. The new XJ will be equipped with a 90.2 KWH battery pack and a range of 470km, to be honest, whether it is the former or the latter, it is not dominant, the only advantage is that it is still early transformation, and only BMW is planning to launch a 7 series pure electric version.


The ancients took the odd number as Yang, the even number as Yin, and the Yang number of 9 is the largest, so the name with 9 is generally a flagship model, which can refer to BMW Audi, and G90 is no exception. As a luxury brand, in fact, in addition to the South Korean "home", the influence in other places are not so good, but its new design can obviously open the situation very well, because it is too distinctive. Its air intake grille shape is very unique, both a bit like a shield, but also a bit like a "heart of hearts", absolutely can make the first time to see the eyes of people.


In terms of brand power, Zenith can only be regarded as "younger brother", but as a luxury car to look at the GV90, you will find that it is not wrong, its length, width and height are 5207/1915/1495mm, wheelbase 3160mm, is a typical large car, in addition, he has a larger size Limousine model. Larger than the Maybach S-class, its appearance can be described as atmospheric and elegant; The interior is equally luxurious and sophisticated.


In the national small emission quantization today, G90 in the opposite direction, will use 3.8L V6, 3.3T V6 and 5.0L V8 three engines, even in large cars, the entry version using 2.0T four-cylinder machine has been very common, and the power combination of G90 for those who pursue large displacement owners, undoubtedly have a good appeal. Of course, to this level, the brand will be a very important point for consumers, and the people of the Korean car is not too cold or even some rejection, Genisez can "salt fish turn over" or continue to "fail", it is really not good to say.