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The difference between eau de toilette and perfume

2018-04-12 03:12:48

1. Different incense rates. The perfumed rate of perfume is about 12-18%, and the perfumed rate of eau de toilette is about 7-12%. 2, play time is different. The perfume lasts about 3-4 hours and the eau de toilette lasts about 2-3 hours. 3. The price is different. General perfumes are slightly more expensive than eau de toilette. First, the perfume is sprayed on the left and right wrist veins, the middle and ring fingers of both hands gently touch the corresponding wrist veins, then gently touch the back of both ears and the back of the neck; Gently curl your hair and leave it at the end for a little longer; Touch the inside of the corresponding elbow lightly with both hands. Use the sprayer to spray the perfume on the left and right sides of the waist, touch the left and right fingers respectively, and then touch the inner thigh, the left and right legs and the inside of the knee, and the inside of the ankle with the perfume finger. Pay attention to the process of rubbing all light touches should not be rubbed, otherwise the organic ingredients in the spice chemical reaction, may destroy the original flavor of the perfume. Perfume should not be directly applied to the face and allergic skin. Because the perfume contains more alcohol, especially toilet water, the alcohol content is more, and the irritation is larger, so the face and allergic skin and baby skin should not be rubbed directly on it. Perfume should not always be sprayed directly on the skin, because the skin may be allergic if it is stimulated by alcohol for a long time. Therefore, the method of use should be changed, and sometimes the perfume can be sprinkled on the clothing according to the situation. Perfume should not be too strong or sprinkled too much, otherwise it will backfire, but also easy to lead to olfactory disorders, mental adverse, in addition, it is easy to give people a proud and flashy, narcissistic feeling. Perfume should be stored in a cool place, avoid hot air and light, if the perfume is placed at high temperature, it will change the color and fragrance of the perfume, if you want to preserve the perfume for a long time, you can use the perfume wrapping paper, placed in the refrigerator. Perfume to choose clear and transparent and bright, this method to identify high-quality perfume is very effective, in general, with natural spices made of perfume, are the color of the spice itself, and mostly amber or brown. The essential oils extracted from daffodils, jasmine, roses and other flowers are usually greenish-brown, yellow, or white. High quality perfume does not have any precipitation, is a clear color, high clarity liquid. Over time, the color of the perfume will not change. However, perfumes with higher concentrations of jasmine essential oil will appear darker and darker, because the alcohol in the perfume will evaporate and make the perfume stronger. Reference: Encyclopedia - Perfume