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The choice of luggage and the drawbacks of soft and hard luggage

2018-04-11 22:24:53

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Hard bag metal shell with some futuristic color, not only good-looking but also can resist the strong impact when checked, strong and tough high and low temperature will not damage the surface, do not worry about its deformation or rupture. Disadvantages: It is much lighter than the traditional impression of hard luggage, but it is still very heavy compared to the cloth luggage.


The soft material luggage has a concave and convex feeling as soon as it is pressed, the plasticity of the soft material suitcase is very large, the volume is also large and small, and the care is more and more convenient. If you are afraid of dirt in the consignment, you can buy a dust cover in the place where you buy your suitcase. This type of suitcase is most suitable for traveling abroad, and one suitcase can save a lot of weight. Disadvantages: But the soft suitcase is easy to crush the contents when checked.


Multi-row wheel and rubber wheel suitcase Wheels are highly recommended for multi-row wheel and rubber wheel suitcase. Among them, the styles with different wheel sizes before and after multiple rows of wheels are more stable and not easy to get involved in things; The rubber wheel is very soft, more lightweight, and walks without any noise. Pulling a pull bar up and down is fast and divided into sections; You can also choose the design of the pull rod and pulley retracted into the bag, when checked, the wheel and pull rod is not easy to damage, but also easy to store in the closet.


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TIPS: Packing method Reasonable use of space Roll socks into a tube into the shoes, not only can save space, but also can prevent shoes from being flattened deformation. Avoid gaps If the contents of the box are not filled, the suitcase after check-in is likely to be a mess. To avoid this, you can plug in a rolled up towel, underwear, something small and easy to fold and wrinkle-free to fill the gap. Fragile items Bottled cosmetics and some fragile items, you can wrap T-shirts, sweaters outside to prevent the impact of cracking. Put the heavier things at the bottom, so as not to crush the lighter things, and follow this principle when packing clothes, so as not to crush the clothes. Dry and wet separate Once the liquid spills, everything else in the box will be ruined, so it is best to separate the liquid items or put a plastic bag over the liquid. Travel choice suitcase is very important, with the selection of small details of things can not be ignored, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of soft boxes and hard boxes are mostly relative. There is also the suggestion that you buy suitcases or go to the big shopping mall to buy more secure, well-known brand suitcases not only look fashionable, but also have good quality assurance, good quality luggage can bring a good mood to travel.