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The choice of health latex pillow and the method of true and false identification

2018-04-21 06:24:07

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to health care, latex health pillows are of course a good choice, and the real latex pillows on the market are all kinds, a wide variety, and the price is uneven, in the end what is the latex pillow that we want to really play a health role?


Natural latex


This information comes from experience


The latex pillow made of freshly collected rubber glue is completely different from the latex pillow made of imported raw liquid, which is many grades higher. Of course, the quality can not be compared at all, because the imported raw liquid must add more ammonia and sulfur to prevent its solidification, and then through a few months of shipping time, oak protein is destroyed, anti-mite and antibacterial efficacy has been greatly reduced, and the trial life is seriously shortened.


Why do some people get acne? In addition to endocrine problems, it is also related to pillows. Why does skin itch? It also has to do with pillows. Why many children in kindergarten have the experience of head lice. It is also related to the lack of timely change of pillows. Get a natural latex pillow. Latex protein is the natural enemy of mites. 15 years without washing or drying, once and for all. Hopefully, we buy latex bedding because it's comfortable and environmentally friendly, not because it's cheap. It's important to understand that latex itself isn't cheap, but buying a natural and comfortable latex mattress and pillow won't hurt your family finances. A partner who does not have cervical spine problems may find my pillow comfortable and do not need to be changed, that is because you have not tried better. Anyone who uses latex pillows will replace everything in the house, myself included.

Matters needing attention

Natural latex is easily decomposed by sun exposure, so natural latex pillows should be avoided in the sun.


Do not wash, because the latex pillow after molding has numerous air holes, it is difficult to dry after washing.