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The child sees the sunset in the evening and asks what is that?

2018-03-01 08:00:00

In daily life, people go to work in the morning and their children go to school. In the evening, when the sun goes down, people go home to rest. The sun is also running according to its own laws.


Actual education and pictures


What's a sunset? Sunset is the evening sun, because near dusk, the sun is usually orange-red. The harmony of the evening of the sunset is the place where the sun sets in the west, and people often compare the sunset to the old age and the sunset glow. The meaning of sunset is the west, the evening sun, sunset.


How is sunset created? People often say that the sunset scene is the sunset and sunrise are equally spectacular, beautiful, and mysterious, charming. If you have a chance to watch the sunset, it will make you wonder: the sun lying still on the western horizon, becoming so large, so deep yellow and red in color; It falls slowly,


They shrink and flatten as they approach the horizon. If there are clouds in the sky, you will see the brilliant sunset glow; There are no clouds all day, don't forget to look back, you will find the mysterious blue gray dark arc in the sky behind you, and there are obvious bright arcs outside the dark arc. And as the dark and bright arcs rise,


There will also be a fascinating violet glow in the western sky, which will drift down and disappear near the horizon. Unfortunately, this beautiful purple light is rare. The sunset is really beautiful, with the sun going down and the colors changing. But the viewer will not think that these strange scenes are mostly illusions, and the sunset itself does not change


Why is it that the sunset itself does not change, but what people see is the rosy clouds? 1- Astronomers have long known that the Earth's atmosphere scatters light. In 1871, British scientist Rayleigh proved that short-wavelength light scatters much more strongly than long-wavelength light,


So, the short wavelengths of sunlight in the sky - purple light - are scattered by tiny dust and air molecules in the atmosphere more than 10 times stronger than the long wavelengths - red light (which would explain why the sky is always azure in the first place).


2- Due to the thickening of the atmosphere through which sunlight penetrates at the time of sunset and sunrise, yellow and red light have the greatest penetrating power, so at this time the sun looks dark yellow with warm afterglow and dark red. Generally speaking, there is more dust in the air at dusk than in the morning, so the color of the sunset is different from that of the rising sun.


3- Because the Earth's surface and atmosphere are curved, the light from the sun near the horizon passes through the atmosphere at a much greater distance than the upper layers, so the light entering the lower layers decays rapidly, and the shadow of the earth caused by the sun sinking into the horizon presents a dark blue-gray arc in the sky; The upper atmosphere is less dense and light scatters less,


It creates a bright arc on top of a dark arc. This wonderful atmospheric optical phenomenon rises towards the zenith as the sun sets and disappears as darkness descends. As for the beautiful violet light, it is caused by the superposition effect of the human eye, which makes the red light passing through the atmospheric dust and the blue scattered light in the purer air in the upper atmosphere superimposed.


The illusion of the sun flattening occurs not only at sunset, but also when the sun rises above the horizon. This is because when light passes through the air, the speed slows down 87 kilometers per second, so the refraction of light also changes, so that when the lower edge of the sunset touches the horizon, the refraction makes the height and width of the sunset ratio of 26.5 ∶32, the sun in the viewer's eye is naturally flat.


The most baffling illusion is that the sun at sunset looks two and a half to three and a half times larger than when it is high in the sky, like a giant jade plate hanging far above the horizon. But in fact, outside the atmosphere astronomers using various instruments, including cameras, have shown that the sun at dusk is the same size as the sun at noon

Matters needing attention

The problems children discover should be told to children like a story.