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The car horn keeps going off by itself. What's going on

2018-04-15 14:24:14

The car horn has been ringing, there must be a problem with the internal line of the horn, this situation can only go to 4S or professional auto repair, so that technicians repair, they can not be solved. The car horn has been ringing for the following reasons: 1. The honking part of the steering wheel is stuck and stuck in the position of long-term power. 2, the contact of the relay is adhered to and cannot be disconnected normally, resulting in long-term contact. 3, the horn negative switch line to take iron. The following points can prevent the horn from ringing all the time: 1, during the car driving, try to avoid the behavior of honking the horn for a long time. There is also, when honking the horn, do not press very hard, not to use brute force to press, most are so bad. 2, when washing the car in rainy days, try to prevent the horn from being wet with a lot of water, in case of water, quickly deal with dry.