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The best treatment for melasma

2018-02-27 20:48:00

Melasma is mostly caused by the decline in the level of hormone secretion in the body, coupled with the pressure from all aspects of work and life, depression, and mental tension, which is easy to cause endocrine disorders and then cause dry skin, facial dullness, pigmentation, and deepened by sunlight exposure or adverse stimulation of cosmetics. This disease is often seen in young and middle-aged women, and has been troubling the majority of women who love beauty. The best treatment for melasma, these issues have always been the concern of every beauty woman. Here is the use of Fisilini freckle Xiaobian to introduce several treatment methods

The best treatment for melasma

For the treatment of melasma liver depression, choose Gan Shu, Taichong, Xuehai and Zusanli, for spleen deficiency, choose Weishu, Pishu, Zusanli and Xuhai, and for kidney deficiency, choose Shenshu, Zhaohai, Zusanli and Xuhai.


Gua Sha treatment use buffalo horn plate, dip safflower oil, select points according to acupuncture points.


Dietary therapy should often eat more vitamin C content of food such as jujube, leek, spinach, orange, radish, cabbage, winter melon, tomato, green onion, persimmon, celery, cucumber, pear, banana, watermelon, lychee, walnut and so on.


Umbilical treatment: The prevention of melasma should pay attention to the following aspects: avoid the sun, go out should choose the appropriate sunscreen according to the season; Timely treatment of various dermatitis on the face to prevent inflammatory pigmentation; Do not abuse cosmetics, especially do not use inferior cosmetics; Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, open-minded and generous, to avoid long-term, excessive mental tension; Melasma course of treatment is longer, to adhere to treatment.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Xiaobian suggested that freckle can be removed with Fisilini traditional Chinese medicine freckle products, which are comprehensive oral whitening and freckle products, so they can comprehensively improve the skin of the whole body, rather than a single face. And according to the characteristics of Asian people's skin pigmentation easy to accumulate, make the skin black, yellow, and form color spots, special treatment standardized treatment program, effective. Deeply loved by customers

Matters needing attention

In addition to the above treatment, our daily life: should pay attention to avoid the light, to prevent direct sunlight on the face, should wear a sun hat or dry umbrella when going out, can also apply sunscreen cream on the exposed areas. Life should be regular early to bed and early to rise spot skin, choose emulsion or almond powder and other cosmetics, moisturize the skin, avoid sunlight in summer. Regulate endocrine dysfunction. In the use of the above at the same time with Fisilini traditional Chinese medicine freckle products, there will be no small harvest.