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The baking soda blackhead removal tip is simple and effective

2018-04-21 20:48:39

I have been looking for ways to effectively remove blackheads, and I have tried a lot of results. Today Xiaobian for you to find a baking soda to remove blackheads tips. The easiest way to help remove blackheads. Now let's see how to make your own skin care products to remove blackheads.


Pour a small amount into a clean container, then add just enough baking soda to mix it well. The dosage can be adjusted according to your own needs.


Once the baking soda is ready, soak a cotton pad or a piece of cotton slightly larger than the tip of your nose in water.


Apply the soaked cotton pad to a clean nose, preferably steaming your face beforehand to open up the pores. Just apply it for about ten minutes. Finally, gently rub the nose with a clean tissue, be sure to be gentle, you will find that the blackheads are out.


Wash your nose, and then pat it on a toner that has the effect of shrinking pores, so that the pores are tight. Very simple baking soda blackhead tips, hope to help you solve the problem.

Warm reminder

If you have time, it is still very good to use this method to get rid of blackheads. If you are busy, you can use this blackhead removal product in the resources below, simple and effective. Interested friends can click on the address in the resources to learn more.