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The application of building membrane in family life

2018-05-11 04:48:40

In the context of the gradual rise in global temperatures, especially in the summer, the cost of cooling is often very high. In the face of hot weather, the best solution to reduce the cost of cooling is to attach building membranes to our houses. When the outdoor temperature is 38 ° C ~39 ° C, the room with film glass is 2 ° C ~4 ° C lower than the indoor temperature of the ordinary glass room, and the test shows that more than 30% of the air conditioning electricity can be saved, especially suitable for south, west, east, and large glass area of the house. A research report from the Academy of Real Estate Science shows that 16 square meters of indoor glass film can save 0.24 degrees of electricity in 24 hours. Subsequently, many data show that as long as a thin glass film is attached to the glass window, you can save 30% of the energy consumption of air conditioning. The actual effect proves that the building film is the best product to achieve energy saving with an area of about 160 square meters, glass area of 50 square meters of house calculation, need to install a total power of 6.5 pieces, a total of 15 kilowatts of air conditioning, if the indoor temperature to maintain around 25 degrees, then the air conditioning needs to run continuously for 7 hours a day. An air conditioner with a total power of 15 kilowatts consumes about 7 degrees of electricity per hour. In this way, the power consumption of light air conditioning is about 49 degrees. According to 0.5 yuan per kilowatt-hour calculation, air conditioning costs 25 yuan per day and 750 yuan per month. In July, August and September of each year, it costs 2250 yuan for air conditioning electricity alone. After using the glass film, the indoor temperature is basically maintained between 26 and 27 degrees, and the temperature of the air conditioner is always controlled at 29 degrees, in this case, the continuous operation time of the air conditioner of the same power is about 4 hours, and the consumption limit is 28 degrees per day, compared with the time without the super film, the power consumption of the air conditioner is saved 21 degrees per day, about 435 yuan per month, three Monthly electricity savings of 1305 yuan. yulongmoyecom