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Thailand Never sleeps city - Pattaya Overview

2018-04-05 17:36:39

Pattaya is a popular destination for many European and American tourists. I heard that many Europeans and Americans come here generally to live for 1 or 2 months, find a local girl, and live together. Pattaya is a man's paradise, with sun, beaches and sea thrills during the day; At night, it is a city that never sleeps. Find a bar to sing, dance, flirt, watch ladyboys, and have all kinds of entertainment. If you want to forget all worldly troubles completely free and easy, Xiaoman feels that Pattaya is definitely a good choice.

Walk around with Man

Pattaya (Pattaya), a hot beach resort in Southeast Asia in recent years, enjoys the reputation of "Hawaii", Pattaya has become synonymous with "beach vacation paradise". It is located 154 km southeast of the capital Bangkok, from Bangkok, along the Sukuwe highway, two hours to Pattaya. The 40 km long Pattaya beach is sunny, blue sky and green water, and is a good seaside swimming pool. Water skiing, surfing and other water recreational activities are exciting, and at the southern end of the beach, Kolan Island, you can also take a transparent long-tail boat to enjoy the colorful coral and tropical fish under the sea. About 10 kilometers off the coast of Pattaya, there is a beautiful island, a coral island, the crescent beach embraces the clear blue water, the sand on the beach is white and soft, especially clean and beautiful, the water quality is clean, you can see the underwater life world up to a few meters deep. The beach is lined with beach chairs and colorful umbrellas, giving people a comfortable and peaceful enjoyment.




The heart of nightlife is South Pattaya, commonly known as the Strip district, with open-air bars, nightclubs, restaurants with live performances, and the Palladium, which claims to be Southeast Asia's largest discotheque.




[Sihe Town water village] - The film "Du Lala's Promotion" shooting on the way to Pattaya, you can pass the Sihe town water village, small man strongly recommended to go to the place. Full of simple water people, the continuation of traditional customs of the water market, complex rich water town charm depict the most moving and gorgeous image picture. It would be a shame to come to Thailand and not try the tropical fruits in season. Here you can also find very distinctive Thai snacks, and it is sold on the water! This is the local famous mango sticky rice! 50 baht per piece. The Sihe Town water Village at night is another stunning view, very beautiful!










Dongba Park Theme park is a major feature of Pattaya entertainment, Dongba Park is one of the most representative entertainment theme park, which is divided into three parts: folk performance, elephant performance and visit to the botanical garden. Tickets are 250 baht. Enjoy the well-cultivated cactus garden, the superb Thai Phalaenopsis and a variety of flowers. Watch the wonderful Muay Thai show and the elephant show. What impressed little Man was the elephant performance, which made people sigh that elephants are smart and talented, they can draw pictures, throw darts, ride bikes, shoot basketball, and do all kinds of funny actions, which is very wonderful. At the same time also let the small man have a feeling of love, the simple and honest king of the forest is so trained and domesticated only for people to watch entertainment, what a sad and pitiful ah...


【 Princess 】 Beautiful sea beauty, under the psychedelic lights can enjoy food, watch the shemale show, and slide into the dance floor with these androgynous dancers spend an unforgettable night. Taking pictures with ladyboys only costs 20 baht, and they are all pretty.

Splurge (I had to try an ancient Thai massage, it was amazing!)

Thai massage allows you to enjoy the kind and careful service brought by professional masseurs. Royal herb oven, steam bath, soothing herbs aromatherapy (whole body essential oil massage), moisturizing skin care and other full set of Thai health treatment, to relax the whole body, and have the effect of whitening and removing dullness; Finally, a cup of unique aromatic health tea and Thai snacks specially prepared for you, guaranteed to make your body and mind more energetic. Eliminate body fatigue, dredge muscles and bones, very comfortable.


Tip: Depending on the quality of service or professionalism of the massage therapist, you can flexibly give about 50-100 baht.



Matters needing attention

Carry important items such as wallet and purse with you.


It is best to make a copy of passports and visas, and it is best to place important documents separately to avoid all loss.


The baht was exchanged in advance at the bank.


Prepare some common medicines, cold medicine, cooling oil, Band-aids and the like.


Change of clothes according to the season and travel days, it is best not to bring too much, inconvenient.