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Test quartz stone true or false detailed steps

2018-04-24 01:36:29

Many people do not know much about quartz stone, do not know where to start when purchasing, stone space through several experiments to let you know how to distinguish the true and false quartz surface.






The regular quartz stone on the back of the stone will have the inkjet code, see the quartz stone surface finish, use a marker to draw on the quartz stone, see if it can be erased, can erase the stain resistance is strong, can not erase the stain resistance is poor! High quality quartz stone has cut lines

Strong acid vacuole

Pour the commonly used white vinegar on the quartz surface, 30 seconds later, if there are many tiny bubbles, it means that the word quartz stone decoration is fake!


After the poor quality quartz stone is scraped with a knife, there will be powder. High-quality quartz stone is hard, there will be no powder after scraping, and there will be the metal color of the knife left on the quartz stone.


Use a lighter to burn on the quartz surface, add dishwashing liquid and water, and then scrub. Poor quality quartz stone, after burning there will be an indelible yellow trace. High-quality quartz stone can be basically wiped clean after burning