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Tengwang Pavilion travel guide

2018-04-03 11:12:15

Tengwang Pavilion travel tips


First of all, we should know that Tengwang Pavilion is located in the northwest of the province along the river road east of Ganjiang River, was built in the Tang Yonghui four years, because of the Tang Taizong Li Shimin's younger brother - Tengwang Li Yuanyin was built and named, and because of the early Tang poet Wang Bo's poem "The sunset and the lone duck fly, the autumn water is the same color" and the future generations, with a long history


Then the main pavilion of the beam square painting using the Song style of color painting "grinding jade outfit" as the main tone, supplemented by "colorful outfit" and "solution green Jiehua outfit". Indoor and outdoor all beams and square with "grinding jade", each time with "colorful". Very beautiful


Then, when we walked into the hall, what caught our eyes was a Han relief - "When the wind sent Tengwang Pavilion". This is based on the Ming Dynasty Feng Menglong's book "Wake up the world Hengyan" in the famous piece "Madang kamikaze to Tengwang Pavilion" story and creation.


There are four horizontal plaques under the eaves of the first floor of the main pavilion, and the plaque is "magnificent and extraordinary" in the east, the content is selected from Han Yu's "New Repair Tengwang Pavilion Record"; Due west is "next to no land" giant plaque; The high and low eaves of the north and south are respectively "front river" and "with lake" two plaques


The last is the route, you can take the subway line 1 Tengwangge Station A exit (to the southwest gate of the scenic area Renjie Square) or Wanshou Palace station D exit to walk to Tengwangge (opened), you can also take the subway line 2 to park station, walk to the Bayi Bridge to enter the Tengwangge scenic area north


Finally, I hope to help you in your future travel,

Matters needing attention

Protect your property when you go out


When you go out, pay attention to your health.