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Ten ways to prevent asthma in babies

2018-03-06 08:00:00

1, children's bedrooms should maintain a certain temperature and humidity, but also to maintain air circulation. Rooms that have just been painted cannot be occupied immediately. Keep doors and Windows open for at least a week to prevent exposure to allergies. 2, children with asthma clothing, bedding should also use less silk wool and down products. Curtains, pillowcases, quilt covers, sheets, etc., need to be changed frequently. It is best to wash in hot water above 55 degrees Celsius. 3, indoor to avoid pets, especially will shed dander, hair animals, cats. 4. Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke. 5, the attack of children's asthma and the baby's own physical fitness is very related, and small particle size negative ions can accelerate the baby's metabolic rate, enhance the body's immune ability and the ability to resist disease. At the same time, small particle size negative oxygen ions can improve the function of lung air exchange, increase the lung capacity, promote the ciliary movement of branch qi, relax the smooth muscle of branch qi, and play a role in relieving cough, relieving asthma and expelling phlegm. 6. Pay attention to climate change and add clothes at any time to prevent cold. 7, the underwear of children with asthma should be pure cotton fabrics, and the fabric is smooth, soft and smooth, and the clothes should not be too tight. Avoid wearing wool underwear, eiderdown vests, animal fur clothing, acrylic, polyester and other chemical fibers that are easy to cause allergies. 8, Chinese medicine to confirm the cold asthma, should not eat more cold food, : pear, spinach, asparagus, etc., but should eat warm food, mutton, ginger, laurel, etc.; The opposite is true for febrile asthma. 9, water chestnuts, white radish, walnut meat, jujube, Gordon Yale seed, lotus seed, yam, etc. have the effect of strengthening spleen and phlegm, kidney and lung, and have a certain effect on preventing asthma attacks. 10, asthma attacks, should eat less flatulence and indigestion of food, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., to avoid abdominal distension pressure chest, aggravate breathing difficulties.