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Ten tips for growing as an IT professional

2018-05-13 11:12:34

Ten learning suggestions on the way to growth, is a summary of this series of IT people learning methodology. In the previous five articles, we discussed learning directions, misunderstandings, suggestions, abilities to develop and how to make technological innovations. The following suggestions are "homework" that can be implemented, and I hope you can choose and apply them in the process of learning.


Basic knowledge and basic skills "out of the mix, sooner or later to return", double base is the key, choose the content you need, make a small plan and achieve the goal, catch up on the lesson in this area. The key here is to be clear about "what needs to be fixed", "clear plans" and "what are the goals". Do not blindly make up theoretical knowledge, find out what is helpful for their future long-term development, really can not see the direction, you can ask some seniors, and then their feedback through your own independent thinking, to determine what you lack. Learning is a gradual process, to make a plan for yourself, always remember the "effective learning time" I said before, do not look for information three days, two days to buy books, the last day casually flip, to sink. Everything must grasp a "degree", the purpose of learning basic knowledge is to guide the application and assist innovation, not for scientific theoretical research. You should know the choice, the choice, and know how much you can stop. These "degrees" are very subtle, no one can help you, all rely on your independent thinking.


Ask questions and learn from others Inspire by asking questions and gain ideas from discussions. Don't limit your interactions to solving a specific technical problem or problem. Instead of treating someone like your "tech support engineer," use open-ended questions to get the direction and inspiration they give you. Technical personnel should learn to be modest, I often see in some technical forums "literary people are light" scene, the discussion of who is not satisfied with who, each other. Computer technology itself is an open discipline, smell of the road has successively, the profession has specialized, everyone is attracted by the charm of technology to come together, learn to have an inclusive mentality, your harvest will be greater, be strict with yourself, forgive others.


It is recommended that you use PowerPoint and OneNotes more often, and if you are not a fan of Microsoft Office products, it is good to pick up a memo. Summary is a way to think and accumulate, record what you learn in OneNotes, long-term habit, will slowly accumulate a lot. A good memory is not as good as a bad pen, take more notes, write down your ideas, develop ideas into opinions, and form your own unique point of view. People often post some study notes on the Internet, which is a very good habit to help themselves and help others. Keep the summary simple and get to the point. Try it. If you wrote a 4000 word note, try reducing it to just 100 words and see if it still conveys what you want to convey. Summary is to simplify complex problems and grasp the essentials and key points.


A person's knowledge system is like a round ball, the more knowledge you have, the greater the area of the unknown world that this round ball is exposed to, and the more you know what you lack. Enrich the scope of knowledge and draw the circle bigger. Look at things outside your own industry, look at your business strategy, look at the world's popular trends, and even look at China's 5,000 year history of civilization, life is a marathon, do not immerse yourself in the world of technology narcissism, sitting on the sidelines.


This page is based on experience


Newton wrote in a 1676 letter: "If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." "Fight with the master", talking about the communication between people. "Standing on the shoulders of giants" is about the choice of "a platform", that is, a choice of "starting point". Everyone's reality may be different, but when it comes to long-term success, be sure to choose a high starting point. Better to be the tail of a chicken, not the head, a good platform, university, etc., can let you see further, have more opportunities, choices and freedom. In the first step into the job, do not only consider the material income, some big salary may not be high, but after a period of work, to bring you the vision of improvement, how much money can not buy, this will make you become different. If you have an overseas job opportunity to go abroad, you can't give up easily, "read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles", which will bring you more experience and confidence.


Three people, there must be my teacher modesty makes people progress. The most common thing in some technical forums is the quarrel that no one disagrees with who, "Laozi technology is the first in the world", and it is not allowed to be questioned by others. The real master is the one who dares to say frankly "I don't know" and humbly ask for advice. Don't be gentle with men, be broad-minded, be kind to others, and learn to embrace all rivers and be tolerant.


Do not be satisfied with the small achievements of the moment, there are mountains outside the mountain, the world is progressing every second, to keep a clear mind, refuse to impetuous. The first time I saw "do not build in the floating sand" was in 2001 when I read teacher Hou Jie's "Deep and simple MFC", a short 7 words revealed the consequences of impetuosity. In the way of learning, to endure loneliness, can not rush to success, this principle also applies to people, depth determines height.


It is useless to read the book, the key is to be able to apply. Action is better than words. To be creative to do some experiments, hands-on experiments are not only to see whether the function of XX software is as written in the manual, this is the job of software testers, you should not follow the manual to experiment. On the basis of understanding technology and products, creatively creating some needs, and using technology to solve it, such a process can reap the greatest benefits.


Know what you need and when you find the answer to this question, you will no longer be confused and impetuous. No one can help you find this answer, only by your own exploration and continuous summary, and again and again deny their own process of growth.