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Teaches techniques for adjusting a computer monitor to make it clearer

2018-03-15 03:12:00

Sitting next to the computer every day, not only dizziness, but also two eyes dim. Because staring at the computer for a long time, it will cause dry eyes, so it will feel very tired eyes. This is inevitable. However, some people's eyes are not entirely because of this unavoidable reason, but man-made reasons, that is, the various parameters of the computer monitor are not correctly set. How should you set up your computer monitor so that it is clear and eye friendly? We can use a program in windows7 to help us adjust the computer's display.


Start by opening the Control panel. Open the area marked by the icon in the Start menu.


Open the display options in the Control Panel.


Click the standardized color in the left column in the displayed interface.


At this point, a gray interface like the one below will appear, and this is the actual setup process. This step is to remind you to pay attention to the problem, do not use it, just click next.


This step needs to be carefully read. Look at the picture that the arrow in the middle points to, and look very carefully at what that picture looks like, because the next step is to adjust the screen until it looks very similar to the picture in the middle.


On the left side, there is an adjustment block that slides up and down, adjusting up and down to look the same as the image in the middle above.


Then there will be three pictures with different brightness, carefully see the brightness of the picture in the middle, and the screen brightness to be adjusted below is based on this standard.


Ok, now start adjusting the brightness on your physical display. Different monitor brands will vary, you adjust the brightness according to your monitor condition, until you can slightly see the red circle on the left cross and the red circle on the right shirt and the difference between the suit. The specific content of the program will be prompted, you should see the following line of instructions when you operate, in case of error.


Now begin to adjust the contrast of the screen, according to the screen prompts to adjust the gray level and contrast of the display until it reaches the most ideal state.