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Teach you to use 12306 website to order train tickets

2018-05-12 19:12:36

Teach the less computer savvy to book train tickets online


1. Enter www.12306.cn2 in the address bar of your computer, open the navigation page (such as www.hao123.com), and click 12306 to enter.


Booking steps: If you already have a 12306 login account, directly click "Ticket/reservation" to log in and purchase tickets, if you do not have an account, you need to register an account first. ① Click on the left "Online ticket user registration", if the "Content is blocked because the content did not sign a valid security certificate" prompt page, please click "to protect your security..." Select "Show Blocked Content" to display the web page


② Click the "Agree" button below the "Terms of Service" page. The following page appears, please be sure to fill in the information correctly, with * must fill in. After completion, click the "Submit Registration information" button below to complete the registration.


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④ Click "Ticket booking" to enter the booking inquiry page. Enter "Origin", "destination" and "date" and other information, if you need to order a return ticket at the same time, please click "Round trip", otherwise select "One Way". Then click "Query", if you need to order student tickets, please click "Query student tickets". Then select the ticket you need according to the remaining ticket information and click 'Buy Ticket'.


⑤ Enter "seat", "ticket type" and other information, and check "Save to common users" to facilitate the next booking. After completion, click "Submit order" and the confirmation page will appear. If you click "OK" without error, you will enter the payment page and need to use online banking to make payment. If you do not have an online bank, you need to open an online bank first.