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Teach you to play domain name, as a domain name investment novice need to pay attention to things

2018-05-09 09:36:41

The Internet is becoming more and more common, more and more people have their own website, have their own network must register a domain name, which makes it difficult to register a domain name now, a good domain name is all registered a light, today we come to understand the city of rice:


Novice why to pay tuition to buy rice and other things, not only to pay tuition, buy rice but also pay an annual fee, when the big boss CAI Wensheng committed this big taboo, lost hundreds of thousands. How to pay less tuition fees and achieve transformation is the biggest difference between rice farmers and new people. There are no rice farmers who never pay school fees. It's not unusual. In the current rice city without a large number of garbage rice as cannon fodder, it is difficult to find the best. But all we have to do is make the fastest jump. If you think you are smart, that is the beginning of paying tuition fees, the rice masters are as many as a cow hair, your method has already been understood by the predecessors, so the medical "hope", "smell", "ask", "cut", is a qualified rice farmer must have, when you buy any rice to understand. Good rice is to have the strength and vision of people to stay, fried rice, it is recommended to catch up slowly, and can not rush. In addition, the new rice farmers have to pay tuition fees for the old rice farmers: 1. Drag too much 2. Hype is too serious 3. These are the weaknesses of a novice rice farmer.


Now the good rice has been boiled empty, because the probability of winning the registration is very low, now turn to the scramble market, turn to the market has a harvest. I ate some sweet grapes. The reason is very simple, although a lot of the dropped rice is not very good-looking, but perhaps the rice farmers who registered him have thought about it for many days. A corn and a dream... . Trading is standing on the shoulders of the old rice farmer, each falling rice is an old rice farmer's thought. Just like Newton said a word: 'If I registered good, it is because I stood on the shoulders of the old rice farmers' crazy: crazy when robbing meters, like robbing women, can not get is always the best, but then again, in the end, or their own way is not deep, and domain name squatting extensive and profound. Work hard! Don't ask for one meter, but don't throw away... Caution! Don't be impulsive... . To win. Restraint: The reflection of the rush note, the sale time has been several months, and how many inquiries have not been received. Always keep a balance when selling rice. In summary, in the future, we should refrain from entering the meter every day.


Knowledge: A good rice farmer's knowledge can not be narrow! Can not be easily fooled by others, a mature rice farmer must have their own investment principles, do not blindly follow the trend! Be sure to have your own job, when your domain investment income is not fixed! Learn to control risk! To summarize all the cities, double spelling, English word.... . Have a certain understanding. Directions: Use Hanyu Pinyin as domain name, use English name as domain name, use abbreviation as domain name, use Hanyu Pinyin homophonic form to register domain name. Finally, be careful when registering small varieties of domain names, cn, com.cn for king millet rice: domain name investment, find the right direction, want to make a lot of money to play rice, otherwise it will always be rice farmers. So the move from low to high needs a plan. Double-edged sword: Creative rice is a double-edged sword, not too rare breed! Learn to see the essence! No rice that only you can understand! Don't rely on luck! Finally, we must insist on not giving up easily! In short, playing rice has a degree, enough is enough, some people cook a lifetime of rice. Some only cook one rice. .com.cn recommends that beginners can try these varieties first. At the beginning of the market, try to invest as little as possible non-mainstream suffixes. Do not listen to rumors, hype, to have a certain ability to judge, everything, ask more why? Investment domain name, do not go a road to black, which unlimited business opportunities, sell to the terminal is good, but this is not the only law, sometimes when the terminal also lose a good choice, many examples, meatballs is. The Chinese website shows the trading platform to invest in hard currency, rely on personal strength, choose different hard currency suitable for their own play. Such as 4 number meters, 3 letter meters, 2 miscellaneous meters. Both have potential for appreciation. Try to choose as few rare varieties as possible, the price is too expensive, the user is very few. Slow out. Bad for the flow of money.


Business - Out of the rice with good rice will not operate, is also a taboo, how to sell, is also a knowledge, you must at least know who needs this meter, rather than just you think good is good. It's all about selling. Building a station: It is fun to build a station, it is an investment, it is good to enrich the sale terminal: this must have skills, I received a terminal to buy rice. I responded to two letters in two sentences, the first of which was yes; The second answered $1,000. This is also a way, direct and clear. Active attack: to try to send a message to the terminal for the first time, wait for it to die, take the initiative to attack it. Chen Zhen once said, "Offense is the greatest defense." Just do what you have to do!

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