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Teach you how to choose a well-rounded toilet!

2018-04-21 08:00:13

The key to the decoration of the bathroom is the selection of sanitary ware. As an important main material of the bathroom, the toilet has always been paid attention to by people. However, it is not easy to choose a suitable toilet, in addition to identifying the brand, it is necessary to master certain purchasing skills, memorizing some skills not only to prevent the "cottage", but also to help themselves to choose a comfortable and beautiful, high-quality toilet.

Look, tap, touch three ways to lock quality bathroom products:

First of all: look at the weight, the high-grade toilet because of the high temperature when firing (more than 1200 degrees), to meet the requirements of all-porcelain, so on the hand will have a heavy feeling. The middle and low grade toilets have low firing temperature and short time, so they do not meet the requirements of all-porcelain.


Secondly, the water absorption rate of the high-temperature fired toilet is very low, so it is not easy to absorb sewage and produce odor. Some low-grade toilets have a high water absorption rate, and it is easy to emit an unpleasant smell after inhaling sewage, and it is difficult to clean. After a long time, cracks and water leakage will occur. At the time of selection, you can gently tap the toilet with your hand, if the tapping sound is hoarse, not crisp and loud, then such a toilet is likely to have internal cracks, or the product is not cooked.


Finally: gently touch the surface of the toilet with your hand, if there is no uneven feeling, and feel that the glaze and blank feel are very delicate, which indicates that the quality of the toilet is better. At present, there is only one layer of glaze on the blank body of the ordinary toilet, and the ceramic surface of the ceramic surface of the product using the wisdom and cleaning technology has a super-smooth surface, and has an antibacterial function, so that the dirt is not easy to adhere to the ceramic surface, and the mold cannot reproduce. If it is a low-grade toilet, the surface glaze and billet will be rough, the color is dim, and the holes will be found under the irradiation of the light. After testing the glaze of the outer surface, you should also go to touch the toilet drain, if rough, it is easy to cause a hanging, a good toilet drain for the caliber and the inner surface glaze, not only not easy to hang dirty, and sewage quickly and strongly, can effectively prevent blockage.