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Tea country, a place you don't want to go!!!

2018-03-18 19:12:00

I have long heard that tea village has unique natural scenery, profound ancient architecture culture, rich farming culture and rural atmosphere. "Thousand terraces", such a large-scale terrace, is now rare, especially can feel the disappearing farming culture here, it is rare.


1, direction: (1) Take 6, 9, 12 bus or train station take 5 bus to Wuqiao Bus South Station - station to take "-", "- Piao grass," - Fengming ", "Yuan Zhuang", "long horn" or "Panshi" can direct to Taian Town Dingjialou Zi, the full fare 12-14 yuan (recommended). (2) Take bus No. 12, 6, 9 or bus No. 5 at the railway station to Wuqiao Bus South Station - Take "South Station -" to Taian Town - by car or motorcycle to Dingjialouzi, the full fare is 15-20 yuan.


2, direction: the county car to Fengming - take "-", "drift grass -," Fengming - ", "dragon horn -" or "Panshi -" to the minibus to Taian Town Dingjialou, the whole fare is less than 10 yuan.


3, Suma Dang direction: Ma Feng Ao drive along the 318 National Highway via Longju, drive, Long Beach, Lao Tu to Ring Beach to the right branch to take Wan Road, via Liangshui, Baiyang, Taian to Tea town.


The tea village is located in Taian Town, in the "head" area, between 972 meters and 1086 meters above sea level. From the main city, go east for 38 kilometers, an hour's drive.


I went to the tea village, it is the early spring season, the weather in the main city is still warm and cold, and through the Xiangtan, cool water, along the Baiyang Town all the way up to the mountain, the temperature dropped significantly, as if it had entered the winter.


However, it is in such a climate down to the tea village, I feel not the depression of winter, but the fullness of spring, an otherworldly world presented in front of my eyes - everywhere green trees, flowers and flowers linger, lush, charming natural scenery is dizzying. It seems that as long as you reach out your hand, you can easily touch the abundant spring breath that this season does not have.


Here is the sea of tea, here is the sky of tea. The magnificence of the tea village shocked me in my heart. The whole tea village, surrounded by mountains, in a radius of about eight kilometers, the green waves ripple.


Close up, a small tea tree green as a round cap, rich as shade, tea swaying in the breeze, showing a beautiful dance, "always good tea like beauty". With the pace of spring approaching, the buds of the tea tree emerge, greedily sucking the natural dew.


Looking far away, a row of tea trees with layers of ladder waves, or up or down, along the hills, along the mountain beams, all over the mountains, like green waves stretching. The reporter walked through a ditch, is the tea mountain; Over a beam, or tea mountain; The tea garden is connected from one mountain to another, and the hillside extends one by one, like a flowing rhythm.


"Two flags under the peak new, greasy green long fresh grain rain spring." All of a sudden, two of Sushi's poems gushing out of my mouth, the scene in front of me, isn't it the scenery of Sushi's tea garden all over the mountains?


No one in the area can say how big the tea village is. 51-year-old village secretary to Hong and 49-year-old village Li told reporters that in the "head" of the tea village, there are more than 20 large and small hills, nine trenches and ten beams, village bags, sand bags and other hills, Sunjiagou, ditch and nine trenches, as well as tree beams, Luchi beams and ten beams, each hill, each ditch, each beam, there are dozens of acres of tea gardens, "if it is completely covered area, There are more than 3,000 acres in total, but this is not the area of the entire tea village, our local people called 'ten thousand acres of tea mountain', although there is moisture, but also expressed in the local people's minds of the tea village, to have accurate data, I am afraid that only aircraft to aerial survey."


According to local people in Taian town, the tea village is the largest contiguous mountain tea garden in the city, covering an area of more than 3,000 mu.