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Swallow Heaven and Earth 2 Cao Wei Leader Guide

2018-04-10 17:36:03

This experience to share swallowing heaven and earth 2 Cao Wei leader guide.


Asus Flying Fortress 8


Asus windows10


Take Lv Bu, take five wise will go into the cave to pick up the treasure box first, there is a rush thunder gun, met flying general Lv Bu directly with a tie kill, and then received it, do not give him to pack up he is a mental retarded, the soul and blood halberd to him, and then buy him a flame, suddenly become rich handsome.


Then there is a Tianyu bow in the stone, then play Huang Zhong, Lu Bu a knife, two knives two, too easy to win, and then play the Longhu brothers Lu Bu put the first second he went, haha, and then enter the pass to find the sword master to get, then the chaos stone array


The next is the chaos stone array, through the chaos stone array to play Jiang Wei, after the fight is retired, and then to play Zhuge, two consecutive battles, killing machine Lv Bu will kill wisdom a knife, it is easy to hang a generation of Zhuge, the gate investigation to thunder shield, go in for equipment, recruit will be Huang Zhong, dialogue to Sima Shi and Zhang Chunhua (Sima Yi his wife) and then dialogue jump plot, In order to prevent the back of the bug floor master decided to 6 people, after the bell will be good to let him disappear