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Subway Line 3 food guide

2018-03-06 20:48:00

In the people, not locals or outsiders, the most concerned than one is the house, one is the work, holding up these two points is the long subway line, every day the subway crowd bustling, coming and going, from one station to the next station, from this hour to the next hour. In this is not a long but not a short time, not the people who go to work or the people who get off work, are hungry, looking at the dazzling advertising, looking for a fulcrum, looking for a gathering point, looking for a warmth. Subway food is where this warmth lies, we give you a subway food map, be a foodie, a seeker, or a self-proclaimed food lover, foodie, in short, see those tempting food, enjoy every moment on the road!


On Metro Line 3, from Caoxi Road station, Hongqiao Road station, railway station, football field station to Road station, these important food circulation locations, a variety of food is also staged in turn, which will dazzle you. END


This page is based on experience


Caoxi Road Station There is a famous IKEA near Caoxi Road Station of Metro Line 3. Ikea is the world's largest household supermarket, where you can buy all kinds of household goods and furniture. There are also many popular restaurants around Caoxi Road subway station, and you can enjoy a delicious meal while shopping. 1) IKEA Restaurant Address: No. 126 Caoxi Road, Second floor Recommendation: Swedish Meatloaf Review: IKEA restaurant is located in the IKEA home, is a semi-self-service restaurant, mainly serving Swedish food, but also provide Chinese food in accordance with local customs. It's really nice to sit here when you're tired. The meatballs are very nice, chewy, and they're delicious when you dip them in the accompanying sauce. And there's free coffee. 2) HongRuixing (Wantai) Address: No. 1500 South Second Road Recommended: Bean paste signature Braised meat noodles Review: This dish with unique flavor is the biggest feature of Hongruixing. Here is the imperial canteen of the diving team, often receiving athletes and show business stars from various countries. The environment is very quaint, the things are very delicate, spent a lot of thought, the dishes are also very novel, recommend mashed beans and small yellow croaker. 3) Xin Xianghui (Caoxi) Address: No. 280 Caoxi Road Recommended: Boiled catfish with piggish bullfrog Review: Xin Xianghui's reputation is very loud in the dining circle, most of the guests here have to queue up. The chef is a legendary demon chef who cooks traditional Sichuan dishes with condiments strictly measured in grams. A lot of customers are going for a signature poached catfish. The number of spices used in Sichuan cuisine is famous in the circle, but I heard that this boiled fish has its own unique secret recipe, the chef put a lot of ingredients in the oil to reduce the fire, so eat this fish will not be on fire. 4) Yuan Heqing Address: No. 98, Zhongcao Road (behind Huating Hotel) Recommendation: Dry pot beer duck rice noodle Comments: Yuan Heqing's facade is very secret, there is a row of small bamboo forest in front of the door, and the rice is hidden in this row of small bamboo forest. This main cooking, especially rice noodles is more famous, other such as Qiandao Lake "September fresh" is with nine months of growth of free-range hens to make delicious, with flower carving wine, very good.


Hongqiao Road Station Hongqiao Road is hidden in the back garden of the old villa. Hongqiao Road was built in 1901 as one of the roads to cross the boundary of the concession. Zhang Ailing said that someone made a fortune and went to Hongqiao Road to buy land to build a villa. Each small and elegant old villa has a different style, or French style, or English style, or Spanish style. 1)Banyantree Cafe(Forest Cafe) Address: No. 455-4, Fahua Town Road (between roads) Recommendation: Dried coffee curry beef Review: Walk into this house feel very classical atmosphere, very charming, not only coffee curry here is also good. 2) Wuguantang Vegetarian Restaurant Address: No. 359 Road, 1st floor Recommended: Baked potato Wufu cloth bag Review: The hall is delicate and elegant, with a quiet guqin music, it is said that here is not imitation meat dishes, but pure vegetarian. Wuguan Tang's vegetarian philosophy is: no imitation meat food, no carbonated drinks, no MSG, no frying. It may sound bland, but when you eat it, it has a different flavor. The dishes here are completely vegetarian, pure and natural, and even ordinary things such as eating have been given metaphysical meaning by the family. 3) Dayu (Hongqiao Road) Address: No. 1288 Hongqiao Road (Songyuan Intersection) Recommendation: Grilled Eel Grilled Silver cod Review: Dayu is a very famous Japanese buffet restaurant. Japanese teppanyaki mainly, rich variety, fresh raw materials, authentic taste, teppanyaki by the chef on-site firing, while watching the chef's cooking performance while eating, both full mouth and eyes ah. Combined with the self-service, it is enjoyable, but the prices here are not cheap. 4) Delin Hot pot (Guohe) Address: No. 1065 Guohe Road Features: Pickled fish hot pot bone Comments: Delin hot pot is quite famous, the sign is pickled fish pot bottom, due to the quantity is sufficient, the price is also affordable, so it has been open for more than ten years, the popularity is still so prosperous. On normal days, we often see a full house. Sauerkraut and fish hot pot is really good. The smooth and tender fish, with the sour taste of sauerkraut, is also an appetizer.


Train Station Subway lines 1, 3 and 4 pass through the station, and there are trains to all parts of the country, including direct special express trains to Ho and express trains to Hong Kong. 1) Quanjude (Never Night City) Address: No. 547 Tianmu West Road (1 / F, Never Night City Square) Recommendation: Roast Duck with Crab powder and Tofu Reviews: Quanjude is truly an old name, featuring roast duck and is an authentic Beijing pie taste. The decoration is very Beijing style, very Chinese characteristics, the service is also in place. It's also a fusion of flavors. There's some sea pie. 2) MeISS Donuts (Station) Address: No. 360 Meiyuan Road Recommended: Shaved ice Donuts Review: Meiss Donuts dessert is still more famous, there are many points. Always like his donuts, almost eat all the flavors, the most like Fendi bell, there is a strong aroma, taste "", and not very sweet, there are a variety of taste options, there will be discount activities from time to time. 3) Dou Lo Fang (Tianmu West Road) Address: New Meihua East Hotel 20th floor Recommended: Squid slime shrimp slime Comments: Dou Lo Fang is a pot of hot pot, clean and quiet, exquisite dishes, service is quite comprehensive, very patient and meticulous. There will be a free four-plate snack after ordering. Many guests here are keen on homemade condiments, making balls, squeezing fish noodles, etc., have fun, and eat without ambiguity, although the price is a little expensive. 4) Rainbow Square wine Address: No. 1080 road Recommended: Sea melon seed mustard chicken feet Comments: The face is very large, very stylish, luxurious decoration, the environment is very good, the taste of dishes is good, seafood is very fresh, patterns are quite many, but due to the amount is less, the price is relatively expensive.


The Football Stadium is the first professional football stadium in China and the main ground for Shenhua to participate in the Football League A. In addition to professional level football matches, there are often star concerts here. 1) Tan Fish Head Hot Pot (Football Stadium) Address: No. 444 East Jiangwan Road (2 / F, Gate 2, Football Stadium) Recommended: Fish Head with pickled cabbage Pot Reviews: Tan Fish Head Hot pot, is a fish head hot pot operated by the founder Mr. Tan in 1996 with an exclusive formula. Its spicy but not dry, fresh but not fishy, the entrance of the fragrance, long aftertaste of the characteristic taste known in Great North. Tan fish Head will also be based on consumers' different tastes and eating habits, as well as seasonal changes, launched the red pan, three fresh pot, tonic pot, wild mushroom king pot and various mandarin duck pot bottom. 2) Northwest Lang barbecue address: East Jiangwan Road No. 500 Recommended: Chicken wings and mutton comments: Northwest Lang barbecue has many years of age, his famous mutton skewers, mutton ribs, chicken wings, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts and palm are cheap and delicious, earning enough followers of all ages. Business has been very hot for so many years, before and after the meal, there will always be a spectacular allele team on the stairs, waiting for everyone willing to eat, and the diners are all hot. 3) Green Port Tea Restaurant Address: Jiangwan Road No. 444 (near the stadium) Recommendation: Soup rice and beef porridge Comments: the decoration is also very grand, and the service attitude is very good, there is a special guide. The food here used to look good. 4) Dry Pot House () Address: No. 2146 North Road (near Sweet Love Road Park) Recommended: Tea tree mushroom dried pot Chicken millet Quah Reviews: Qianguju is a restaurant with unique Miao family characteristics. It has opened many chains in a short period of time, not only providing guests with environmentally friendly and healthy food, but also spreading Miao family traditional culture and customs to the fashion capital. Each restaurant has dry pot chicken, Wujiang fish, millet slag and other special color dishes, spicy, fragrant for the unique taste of the dish, slightly improved after entering, popular taste and popular prices, eat up is really sour and spicy appetizer, crisp heart.


Fudan University, Tongji University, School of Foreign Languages, University of Finance and Economics, University, etc. are not far from the road subway station. Naturally, there will be many delicious restaurants near the school. 1) Lilian custard Tart () Address: Subway Line 3 Station Exit 1 Recommended: Custard Tart Cheese Custard tart Comments: It is said that all the best delicious custard tart, including Portuguese custard tart and cheese custard tart, custard tart crust is very crisp and fragrant, and the inside is very soft and tender, popularity is quite good. 2) Meilin Pavilion (Road) Address: No. 5 2nd Road Recommendation: White boiled needle Mushroom steak Review: Meilin Pavilion is a well-known brand in the restaurant, when the sentence "Meilin Pavilion, Manlingge" accompanied by the classic Meilin Pavilion Ben Gang dishes deep into the mouth and heart of diners, customers who have eaten Meilin Pavilion will praise from the heart: "Mellingcourt, really quite Lingo!" After all these years, Meringame is still dotted, but no longer advertised. "Merlin Court, still Lingvar?" Has become a lot of old diners heart a big question mark, the answer, go to know. 3) Delong Pavilion (Sheung Wai) Address: No. 29 East Sports Club Road (near East Sports Club Branch Road) Recommended: Signature Short Ribs Rice cake Reviews: Delong Hall is a traditional Chinese snack, the signature small cage is steamed, fresh meat, shrimp, egg yolk, spicy, crab powder and other flavors, thin and tough skin, rich juice, taste is very delicious, fresh stuffing, a cage to eat often still feel more than enough. 4) Wuyue Renjia (Beiyi Road) Address: No. 646 Beiyi Road Recommended: Fried Eel noodles Review: Wuyue Renjia is the first noodle restaurant chain, has long been famous for making traditional local dishes and Soviet-style noodles. Its dishes not only have the quality, but also the cuisine culture, each dish has a good name, such as He He spare ribs, fried ringing bell, spring silkworm gingko, etc., the environment is also garden style, with the ballad, very quiet and comfortable.