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Subtly repair the refrigerator seal

2018-05-11 12:48:54

The general refrigerator is used for more than two years, and the magnetic seal on the door and the box will have the same gap, resulting in cold air leakage, reducing the refrigeration effect and increasing power consumption. If this phenomenon occurs, and there is no professional repair, then you can use the "cotton filling method" cleverly repaired.


Refrigerator, flashlight, laundry detergent, cotton,


First, put an open flashlight into the refrigerator, close the door and carefully observe the sealing ring around the door to see if there is any light.


Then, the magnetic sealing ring can be wiped clean by washing powder in the transparent place, and the magnetic sealing ring in the transparent place is pocketed.


Take some clean cotton to fill the light part of the sealing ring, the amount of cotton depends on the light transmission, to close the light is appropriate.


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Matters needing attention

The whole operation must be carried out when the refrigerator is powered off; Be careful when opening the seal ring in the second step, do not damage the seal ring; Do not fill the third step with too much cotton.