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Submersible pump troubleshooting method

2018-04-18 00:00:27

Many rural areas or mining enterprises and farms have deep Wells, and submersible pumps are used to draw water. Submersible pumps often have some failures after a period of time, if it is a motor problem may need professional maintenance personnel to repair or replace, but if the motor is not a problem is some minor faults, you can check your own maintenance.


Submersible pump


Matching wrench


First check whether the motor is running normally, if there is no problem, eliminate the motor fault problem, you can further check the next step.


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If there is no problem with the external connection part and path, it may be that the internal screw or impeller is damaged, and the suction part of the submersible pump needs to be disassembled for inspection. Note: Be sure to remove the suction part rather than the motor part, check whether the screw or impeller is damaged or deformed, and find that the damaged part can be replaced.

Matters needing attention

Damaged parts must be purchased in comparison, similar shapes do not mean the same size.


After replacement, test water and then put back into the well.