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Students who have not passed CET-4 and CET-6. ,.

2018-03-02 22:24:00

There are not many days left before the CET-4 and CET-6 on June 11. Let's improve our English in the limited time. ,


1. Watch more classic European and American movies. Don't like boring memorizing words, watching and reading, then start with the video, the movie can pick some classic movies, and use spare time to watch, listen, 10 times is not too much. Go to the back and don't read the subtitles.


2. Learn some English songs. You must often go to the KTV around the college with your friends on weekend nights and sing together. It is also good to have some English songs. Usually in the dormitory can also hum, enhance the good impression of English.


3. Read more texts and memorize more words, which requires a certain amount of patience, although boring. However, the content of the text is relatively simple, if this is not understood, it will not make sense. Take some time every day to memorize the words, accumulate more writing, when accumulated to a certain extent, you will find that the movie will understand more.


4. Please teach those who have passed the students, meet do not understand, and exam skills, you can go to consult; Ask what you know, what you need to know.


5. Remember to do more questions, question sea tactics are indispensable, do the question remember to analyze the next question type, the main test those key notes, focus on review.


6. Persevere and persevere. Learning English is a long-term accumulation and persistence of the process, do not give up because of a test, grit your teeth and work hard, certainly can pass.

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Come on, boy. ,