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Sri Lanka travel guide

2018-04-07 00:00:44

Sri Lanka travel guide






The Bandaranaike International Conference Building is located in the Beta zone of the National Museum of Sri Lanka in Colombo, the architecture is exquisite and spectacular, and it is one of the landmarks of the city. The building is a project of free assistance to Sri Lanka by China, which was completed in May 1973, and has been in use for more than 30 years, playing an important role in Sri Lanka's social life. Later, the exhibition in memory of Sirimavo Bandaranaike and the Bandaranaike International Study, built with the assistance of China, were completed in January and April 2003, respectively, forming a unified whole with the building and being honored as "the symbol of China and Sri Lanka".


Elephant Orphanage Elephant Orphanage is located in Pinnawela Village, Gekla District, Central Province of Sri Lanka, 85 kilometers away from the capital Colombo. It is a conservation site for elephants and a tourist attraction. Abandoned and illegal jade mining mines can be seen everywhere in Sri Lanka's virgin forests, and often some young elephants fall into these abandoned Wells and "sit dead". In order to accommodate the young elephants rescued from the jade mine and separated from their mothers due to various accidents, the Wildlife Protection Department began to build this unique "elephant orphanage" in the world in 1975.


Anuradhapura Anuradhapura is the oldest city in Sri Lanka, with a history of 2,500 years. Anuradhapura became the capital of Sri Lanka in 380 BC, and was the seat of the throne of Sri Lanka for the next thousand years. The ruins of the ancient imperial city were discovered in the 19th century and have been restored to this day. Founded in the 5th century BC, Anuradhapura is considered the capital of Buddhism.


Deshiveira Zoo Deshiveira Zoo is the largest zoo in Sri Lanka and one of the most established in Asia. Located in the capital city of Colombo, the park is tree-lined and flowers in full bloom, with tropical animals as the most, and there are more than 2,000 kinds of animals from all over the world. In addition to general viewing in the park, tourists can also ride on the back of elephants to see orangutans, African monkeys, Indian tigers, peacocks and other exotic birds and water animals. The park has an elephant and seal arena that is open regularly. There is a butterfly garden in the garden.


Fort Area (Fort area), also known as the castle area, was originally a fortress built by Dutch colonists, and is now the seat of Sri Lanka's parliament, banks, commerce, tourism departments, airlines and ships, as well as the transportation hub from downtown Colombo to other surrounding cities and places for accommodation, dining, entertainment and shopping. The whole area has green trees, beautiful flowers and quiet scenery. The streets are dotted with ironwood trees, known as the national tree, and water lilies, the national flower, and more towering coconut trees, as well as tens of thousands of sacred birds (Sri Lankans regard crows as "divine birds"). Garry Square in Forte District faces the Indian Ocean and is a great place to enjoy the sea view.


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