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Spring Festival Spring Festival travel guide

2018-03-19 01:36:00

The city is located in the southwest border, where the Yalong River meets the Yangtze River. It is an iron and steel industry city. In 1965, in order to develop iron ore, the city began to form, the initial name of the Special Zone, after the official construction of the city was named Dukou City, and later renamed the city. The city in the same latitude is a unique south tropical scenery of the city, the city is growing tall and straight trees (kapok tree), hence the name of the city. The city is a natural treasure house with abundant minerals, water power and agriculture. The proven reserves of vanadium titanium magnetite reach 10 billion tons, which is one of the four major iron ores. Ore co-produced vanadium, titanium reserves, vanadium ranks first, ranking third in the world; Titanium ranks first in the world. The reserves of coal are 1.2 billion tons. The Ertan hydropower Station, which is under construction, will become the largest hydropower station in China when it is completed and put into operation. The climatic conditions and landforms of the city are suitable for the development of three-dimensional agriculture, and the grain crops have three crops a year. Producing tropical fruits such as awn, banana and papaya; There are good pastures for developing animal husbandry in the mid-mountain area. The alpine region is rich in forests, with 17 million cubic meters of timber available for harvesting.


Gesala Eco-Tourism Area Located in the northwest corner of the city and county, Gesala Eco-tourism Area is the golden tourist route - the only place to Lugu Lake, the scenic landscape is composed of primitive forests, alpine scenery, Tiankeng drain and Yi style. It is known as the "natural Geology Museum".


Ertan National Forest Park Ertan National Forest Park is located in - E - Xichang - this tourist hotline. The planned area of the park is more than 600,000 mu, including 150,000 mu of T-shaped lake formed in Ertan Reservoir area and more than 400,000 mu of forest land. The forest coverage rate can reach more than 50%. Magnificent power station, misty blue Lake, surrounded by green mountains, wild forest, 8 beautiful islands in the lake and more than 10 ethnic minorities living nearby strange customs, quiet environment, suitable climate, fresh air, It has become an ideal tourist area with many functions such as tourism, exploration, gathering, entertainment, vacation and recuperation.


The Yangtze River International rafting Base drifts through Panxi Rift Valley, with frequent geological activities and ever-changing landforms. It is the area with the most spectacular scenery and the most simple folk customs. In this section of the drift line, there are 25 first-level beaches, 13 second-level beaches, and 7 third-level beaches, the longest beach is 1000 meters, which is absolutely exciting but there is no danger. When you come to participate in rafting activities, you will truly experience the infinite charm of "floating Mother River, visiting Panxi Grand Canyon, viewing primitive ethnic customs, and tasting river culture."


Haita-haita-scenic Area is located 36 kilometers away from the city of Long, meters, and is an intermountain basin with an altitude of 1900 meters and an area of about 30 square kilometers. The name of the sea tower is composed of "sea" and "tower". Haita artificial lake water area of 600,000 square meters, catchment area of 9 square kilometers, surrounded by the shape of the crescent moon, named Yueer Sea. The topography of the sea tower is like a hull, according to legend, in order to tie the ship, not to let it float away with the water, they built a hexagonal pile on the mountain as a tie. The sea and the tower complement each other, hence the name of the tower.


Jade Buddha Temple, located 6.3 kilometers south of Bingcao Gang, the city's main urban area, beside the airport, east of the Yi new village of A Da, southwest of Bingren Road, north of Shaba Village Wushe, is based on meeting the diverse spiritual and cultural needs of the people, fully respect the will of the religious people, on the basis of the provincial and municipal authorities approved the relocation and reconstruction of the Buddhist temple. The whole scenic area planning construction area of about 30,000 square meters, the temple selected the Tang architectural style, according to the jungle norms to build Tianwang Hall, Maxiongbao Hall, Guanyin Hall, Buddha hall, Buddhist pavilion, etc., the peripheral to create a unique landscape and assist the construction of a series of supporting service facilities for Buddhist cultural experience. The temple has been approved by the provincial People's Religious Bureau and the Provincial Buddhist Association as the southernmost destination of the Buddhist tourism line.

Matters needing attention

The climate is the south Asian tropical base band of the "island" three-dimensional climate, full of sunshine, while the ultraviolet light is strong, so to travel to this to bring some thin clothes, go out to bring umbrellas and sunscreen and other supplies, but also prepare more drinking water.


The climate here is warm and densely forested, so tourists should pay special attention to fire prevention and care for the flowers and trees of cultural relics and scenic spots every place, do a good job of ecological environmental protection, do not travel to dangerous areas, and respect the local ethnic customs and habits. Travel medicines: antiviral drugs; Commonly used drugs for respiratory system; Anti-motion sickness, seasickness medicine; Anti-allergy medicine; Anti-heat medicine; Traumatology medicine, etc.


Emergency supplies: sun umbrella, sun hat, sunscreen.