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Special food snacks guide

2018-03-08 03:12:00

Special snacks guide


1. Duck blood fans: In, the stalls selling duck blood soup are dotted. The shrewd stall owner cooks the duck blood in advance, cuts it into small pieces and puts it in the pot. When visitors come, they scoop out the duck blood and put it in a white porcelain bowl, then pour a spoonful of hot fresh soup, drop a few drops of sesame oil, sprinkle a pinch of shrimp or duck casing, etc., and add a pinch of coriander. Love to eat spicy guests, you can also add some chili oil or pepper, fragrant, spicy, delicious taste


2, salted duck/duck head: to can not not eat salted duck. Love ducks so deep that some people say people have a grudge against ducks in their previous lives. There is no basis for this rumor, but being called "Duck capital" is a real name. Salted duck is a famous specialty and has a long reputation. It is said that it has a history of more than one thousand years. The white meat of salted duck skin is tender, fat but not greasy, fresh and delicious, with the characteristics of aroma, crisp and tender. The salt-water duck around the Mid-Autumn Festival every year has the best color and taste, because the duck is made in the blooming season of osmanthus flowers, so the name: osmanthus duck. "White Gate Recipe" records: "Jinling August period, salt duck is the most famous, everyone thinks that the meat has osmanthus fragrance." It seems that it has become a secular ritual for visitors to chop a bowl of salted duck on holidays or weekdays. It is also eating too much duck, people also turned waste into treasure will make a delicious snack duck head


3. Cooking dried silk: Dried silk is a set of unique manufacturing methods different from other cities. Those tender but not old, dry but not broken dry silk, are specially made for tofu. Cut tofu into thin shreds and cook with various soup ingredients. Mix with sesame oil and superior soy sauce for a refreshing taste and a long aftertaste.


Beef pot stickers: crispy inside tender, filling enough juice. Salty and sweet is the biggest feature of beef pot stickers. Because of the juice, the old customers have to eat soup dumplings used this pot sticker. The first big bite will leak the juice; Bite hard juice will spray; The bite is too small and hidden!


5, wishful back brine dry: a long history, people are also willing to put a variety of snacks and history. Take this ordinary back brine dry, and the Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang pulled on. Legend of Zhu Yuanzhang in Jinling after the throne, eat tired of the palace of delicacies, a day out of the palace, in the street to see a snack fried oil tofu fruit, fragrance, golden color, can not help but appetite increase. He took out a piece of silver and asked the Lord to make a bowl of tofu fruit for him to eat. He is a rich gentleman, immediately put tofu fruit into chicken soup pot, with a small amount of bean sprouts and spices cooked together, boiled until tofu fruit soft taste sent, Zhu Yuanzhang praised again and again after eating. Since then, oil tofu has been popular and spread to this day. Because people often add bean sprouts in the firing, and its shape is very similar to the jade Ruyi in ancient jade, it is called Ruyi back brine dry.


6, assorted tofu waterlogging: tofu waterlogging is also called tofu brain, tofu flower, it is also known as "are not old". This snack is everywhere, can tofu waterlogging and other places are not the same, in addition to the same color white jade. Refreshing fragrance, tofu waterdown pay attention to a condiment, supplemented by shrimp, mustard, fungus, green onion, spicy oil, sesame oil and other more than ten kinds of condiments, not only the color is beautiful, the taste is alcohol, strong, fragrant, fresh, salty suitable, spicy moderate, taste.


7, the number one bean/spiced eggs: The number one bean is one of the special snacks of Fuzi Temple. According to legend, during the Qianlong years of the Qing Dynasty, the poor scholar Qin Dashe, who lived in the alley next to the south of the city, read until late at night every day because of his poor family, and his mother cooked the beans with red yeast rice and red dates, packed the beans with a small bowl, and added a red date to him to eat, and encouraged him to study well and become the champion in the future. Later, Qin in the number one, the matter spread, the number one bean will become famous. Some vendors took advantage of the students' psychology and sold the number one beans near the tribute courtyard of the Father and Son Temple, lining their lips with the slogan "Eat the number one beans, good number one Lang." The number one bean is actually spiced beans, like spiced eggs, spiced beans taste fragrant, salty and sweet soft, fine tasting, interesting, because of the cooking taste, the general color is red sandal, the entrance is elastic, the aroma is rich, people can not stop eating it.


8, Xiaolongbao: Eat Xiaolongbao pay attention to the soup, do the time to condense the stock into transparent solid gum, chopped and mixed in it, hot steam, all into the soup. A good small cage with a thin wrapper like paper, carrying it around without breaking it. Carefully put it out, put it in the vinegar bowl, aim at the above a suction, the delicious soup into the belly. But don't worry, or you'll burn, and then enjoy the contents. So people eat Xiao long bao and there is a song, "gently move, slowly lift, first open the window, after drinking soup."


9, steamed dumplings: steamed dumplings are actually everywhere, but the steamed dumplings are unique, not only the shape is beautiful, the taste is famous, a little greasy little oil can not reach the refreshing effect. The filling of steamed mushroom dumplings is made of fresh pork and mushrooms, and the delicious mushroom juice is added. After steamed in the steamer, the meat is tender and full. A gentle suction will make a thick breath permeate the mouth.


10, cake small point: people love sweet, so the traditional cake is still very market. When people eat sweet food, they pay attention to sweet but not evil, glutinous but not sticky, which is called the superior dessert. In addition, the light taste is not good, the shape and color are outstanding, so most of the cake balls are exquisite and small, colorful, the entrance is sweet and soft, and the fragrance is filled with, and then come to a pot of good green tea, it is a good oral blessing!