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Some of the content is missing after selecting the column function under the data

2018-03-04 03:12:00

When using "Data" -> "disaggregated", part of the content after the disaggregated is lost, as shown in the figure below, the content behind the city is lost, this article solves such problems.




When we paste the excel column content into the txt file, we find that the data is automatically wrapped, and it is automatically added with double quotes "", as shown in the following figure


Solving the problem of double quotation marks also solves the problem of disaggregation. Here we use the clean() function to do a de-formatting process on the column data, as shown in the following figure


Then paste the value after clean into a new column in excel (there are three columns), here we paste the value, paste it again in txt you can see that the double quotes and line breaks are gone.


Re-disaggregate the value content after clean in excel, as shown in the following figure. How to disaggregate it specifically? Refer to the URL content


The last column is complete, and the contents are not lost after the column.

Matters needing attention

After using clean(), we will copy the result again and paste selectively, only the values