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Small house decoration collocation skills

2018-03-16 09:36:00

Decorate the house almost everyone is likely to encounter, as people's requirements for life are getting higher and higher, decoration is more beautiful and practical. Not professional enough is generally difficult to decorate the house just right, small house decoration skills are what?


Small houses


Small house decoration collocation skills. First of all, furniture, small area rooms do not set bulky, complex or large furniture. Because the living room space is small, if the heavy and huge furniture is placed inside, the overall feeling of space will be more tense.


Small house decoration collocation skills. Since the room is smaller, it is suitable to choose a light, small and delicate home, to unify the layout and coordination. This will make people have a sense of heaven and earth, that is, some small decorations should also pay attention to the selection of overall unity.


Small house decoration collocation skills. Because the area is small, in order to store more, it is suitable to play a partition on the wall or roof. In this way, make full use of the space to put some items with small utilization rate into it, in short, when the small square meter should make full use of the space, and strive to be small and unique.


Small house decoration collocation skills. Small area of the wall should also be carefully designed, if the use of wallpaper, suitable for the use of plain tone with dark flower style, tone requirements light elegant. Try not to use wall skirts, the whole wall looks more unified.


Small house decoration collocation skills. If you want to do two places in a space, that is, rest and visit, then it is to use some items such as antique shelves or air-permeable flower shelves that can be decorated and have isolation effects to make partitions. This naturally separates the room into two parts.


Small house decoration collocation skills. Such decoration is also for the use of light, neither will block the light, there is a sense of space extension, and the space is more far-reaching. With the development of modern technology, more and more decorative objects are available for us to choose, suitable for different occasions.

Matters needing attention

This article. Understand the common sense of house decoration, set up a beautiful room.