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Sink top ten brands

2018-04-06 08:00:14

Due to the characteristics of traditional Chinese food culture, the kitchen has become an important site of people's home life, and the sink is the most frequently used in the kitchen. The preparation work before and after meals, most of the time is related to the sink, so the choice of a beautiful and practical, good performance, functional sink, for each family is very important, so the sink is likened to the heart of the kitchen.


Stainless steel sink has been popular for a long time, in the current situation, the use of stainless steel sink more, this choice is not only because of the metal texture of stainless steel is quite modern, more importantly, stainless steel is easy to clean, thin panel light weight, but also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and so on.


Ceramic sinks are durable and wear resistant.


Artificial stone sink molding is easy, there is no seam in the corner.


If you pay attention to the overall color of the kitchen utensils, you can choose acrylic sink. It is not only available in white, but also in other colors that can be used with kitchen utensils.


Crystallized stone sinks are mostly iron gray, beige, be careful when using, sharp knives and rough objects will scratch the surface and destroy the finish.


Cast iron enamel sink durable, but the market is rare, occasionally imported products, its price is more than a few thousand yuan, so that the average person is afraid to ask.