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Simple method of improving and preventing senile white hair

2018-03-06 09:36:00

Senile white hair is a more common natural and physiological phenomenon, mainly because of the weakening of human metabolic function with age and the reduction of melanin caused by the aging of cells and organs. It's also because something prevents colorless melanocytes from maturing into functional melanocytes. According to this reason, on the one hand, reasonably and moderately improve the comprehensive function of the human body, on the other hand, appropriately supplement melanin, which can reduce and prevent the occurrence of senile white hair within a certain range, or reduce the degree of occurrence of the condition.


Black sesame, black soybean, black chicken, black fungus, black rice


1. Maintain physical and mental health;


2, in the premise of no harm to remove scattered white hair;


The information illegally crawled from experience

Matters needing attention

Must have a good attitude, do not regard yourself as a young person, put forward unreasonable excessive goals;


By treating white hair conditioning body function, delay aging.