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Semsoni S-J3 Replaceable mechanical keyboard disassembly evaluation

2018-04-07 19:12:25

In November 2016, Sensoni launched its first mechanical keyboard with replaceable shaft technology, the S-J3. With the gradual popularity of mechanical keyboards in online cafes, many peripherals have optimized the durability and reliability of mechanical keyboards for the use of Internet cafes. Some of them include replaceable shaft functions such as increased water resistance, dust resistance and even easier later maintenance/repair. At present, the technology of inserting and removing the shaft body of the electric soldering iron tool is not scarce. Although the structural design of the early Wolf school CIY and the heteropolar MMS replaceable shaft are essentially different, the final result is the same, making the shaft change easy and simple. Due to the convenience of the replaceable shaft function, it has been gradually applied to various mechanical keyboards. Among them, the Sensoni S-J3 is equipped with replaceable shaft technology, and at the same time introduces a dust-proof shaft body to further improve the service life of the keyboard.


Sensoni S-J3 interchangeable mechanical keyboard

Appearance design

This article is based on experience


The side of the keyboard is quite thin, and the side is slightly pressed down. Secondly, the keyboard extends a certain area of hand support, the normal input support wrist is not wide, but reduces the bottom height, which has some help to alleviate wrist fatigue. In addition, the key caps are arranged in a standard OEM step arrangement, and the chassis is equipped with support feet to adjust the input Angle.


The Sensoni S-J3 mechanical keyboard integrates common multimedia shortcuts and light control keys, which can be used by combining the FN key. The corresponding function icon is also printed on the corresponding function key, which is more intuitive to use and does not require running-in adaptation time.


Sensoni S-J3 mechanical keyboard is no doubt still equipped with a set of the most popular ABS two-color injection light transmission key cap, in addition to the male pattern, the key cap in the use of durability is relatively superior, especially under the two-color injection process, the character does not fade. In addition, the key cap has a delicate touch, smooth and dry, especially suitable for players with more sweaty hands.

Axial body technique

Sensoni S-J3 mechanical keyboard targeted the use of Gaote dust blue shaft, its cross column specifications and the traditional shaft body is the same, but the two sides of the dust wall added, which does not affect the compatibility of the key cap. After the dust wall is added, the dust can be prevented from entering the shaft body to a certain extent, and the probability of double-clicking and failure can be avoided, which indirectly improves the durability of the shaft body.


In addition to the improved design of the cross column, its core structure is consistent with that of the ordinary high dust blue shaft. The top cover is still transparent, and the lighting design is also a patch scheme, and the light hole opening size at the top of the shaft body is larger, which is conducive to enough light transmission brightness of the patch lamp. As for the feel performance, there is no obvious difference between the Gaote dustproof green shaft and the traditional shaft body, and the training is also quite crisp, the paragraph sense is clear, and the key feedback sound is loud.


The Sensoni S-J3 mechanical keyboard is equipped with replaceable shaft technology, which allows the shaft body to be easily removed with the included metal puller. The shaft body is fixed through the upper and lower two clasps of the base and the upper cover panel, the mold accuracy is reasonable, the shaft body is installed fairly stable, no loose shaking is found, and the probability of pulling out the key cap and the coaxial body together is very rare. On the surface, Sensoni S-J3 mechanical keyboard replaceable shaft structure design is not complicated, PCB motherboard reserved two shaft pin holes, the user only need to align the shaft pin to the round hole can be installed. Of course, this installation method also has some shortcomings, such as the installation of the shaft body if the process is not aligned with the hole, it will lead to the shaft body pin bending. At this point, the axis body is basically useless. Therefore, the installation of the shaft body requires more care than the dismantling process.


With the support of convertible axis technology, it provides extended play of mixed axes for ordinary users. For Internet cafes, more is to facilitate the subsequent repair of single shaft body damage. Of course, as far as users are concerned, in addition to the convenience of changing the shaft brings more gameplay, we are more concerned about the compatibility of the replaceable shaft.


In the chart, the red axis of Gort is on the left, and the blue axis of Gort is on the right.


In the picture, CHERRY red axis is on the left, and Gort dust blue axis is on the right.


Unfortunately, the Sensoni S-J3 mechanical keyboard replaceable shaft structure is not compatible with other shaft bodies, mainly because the shaft body pin specifications are different. The high dust proof green shaft pin is thinner, and the round hole on the PCB board can only be inserted into the high dust proof shaft body fine specification pin, and other shaft bodies can not be installed on.


Through disassembly, on the surface, there is no obvious difference between the internal PCB structure of the Sensoni S-J3 mechanical keyboard and the general mechanical keyboard. The traditional shaft pin solder joints and shaft retaining posts are visible. Among them, the components on the PCB motherboard are SMD patch type packaging, and the process level is normal, which is better than the previous Sensoni K1 and J1.

Main control chip

The main control chip is the Vision program, and the specific model is smearing, but according to its backlight switching control mode and dynamic effect, the program is also more commonly used in the entry-level backlight mechanical keyboard, and it is mature and reliable. It is worth mentioning that the backlight has a power saving function.


The internal structure design of the replaceable shaft is simple and direct. The shaft change module assembly consists of only two pins, without any other circuit components, a simpler structure, relatively easier later maintenance. If the shaft change module has contact failure, only the pin hole needs to be replaced.

Mode function

The Sensoni S-J1 mechanical keyboard is equipped with horizontal mixed light effect, and the lights support a variety of dynamic backlight modes, including wave light, undulating mode, ripple mode, single light, running lamp and custom backlight area mode. All preset lighting modes are switched by key combination, simple and clear.


In addition to the replaceable shaft function and dustproof shaft application, the overall specifications of the S-J3 mechanical keyboard are roughly the same as the previous K1 and J1 series mechanical keyboards. For example, they are equipped with full key no impact function, multimedia shortcut key, shield WIN function, standard ABS two-color injection light transmission key cap and preset mixed light lamp effect.