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2018-03-07 19:12:00

---- is a bright pearl located in the east of the peninsula, on the shore of the Yellow Sea, facing South Korea across the sea, and is the closest part of China to South Korea. It is a coastal economic open city approved by The State Council, and has a national first-class opening ---- Shidao Port. The maximum transverse distance between east and west is 135 kilometers, and the maximum longitudinal distance between north and south is 81 kilometers, with a total area of 5,436 square kilometers, of which the urban area is 731 square kilometers. The coastline is 985.9 km long. It has jurisdiction over 3 cities and districts. It has a total area of more than 1,300 square kilometers, a population of 700,000, and a coastline of more than 1,000 miles. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, the climate is mild, the scenery is beautiful, and there are many places of interest. Chengshantou, Sanggou Bay, Shidao, Cha Shan four scenic areas colorful, each with its own characteristics, constitute a thousand miles of coastal tourism line, every year attracts a large number of foreign guests to visit.

Matters needing attention

The best time for tourism climate: most of the city for the north temperate monsoon continental climate, the four committee changes and the monsoon advance and retreat are obvious. However, due to the sea on three sides, the terrain is complex, forming obvious regional differences: although it is a continental climate, it has the characteristics of a maritime climate. Compared with inland areas of similar latitudes, it has warm winter, cool summer, cold spring, warm autumn and small temperature difference, high wind, fog and abundant rain. The average annual temperature of the city is between 11.1 and 12.1 ° C, and the annual water volume is between 750 and 850 mm. The annual hours are between 2500 and 2700 hours. Best time to visit: Summer and fall. Air: The airport is located in the city of Dashui Park town, 40 kilometers away from the urban area, has opened to,,, and other routes. : The railway station is located at the west end of the road in the Economic and Technological Development Zone, and has been opened to passenger trains


Train schedule from station to station k4082030(2)0602 25182128(2)1403 k41209301803 Train schedule From station to station Departure time from station to station departure time from station to station k4072010 (2) 0525 25172133 (2) 1330 k41109211501


Water transport: The port has four ships a day: 8:30, 9:30, 20:00, 21:00, 8:10, 9:00, 21:00, 21:30 return ship, the voyage 7-8 hours. Fares vary from 140 to 180 yuan for the third class and 90 to 130 yuan for the fourth class. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 17:00, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 18:00 international liner to Incheon, South Korea. Hong Kong bus station is located at No. 53 North Haibin Road. Highway: Here, from 6:00 am, every half hour, 13:30, 15:15, 16:15, 17:00 bus, Volvo 6 hours to arrive, ticket price 139.5 yuan, Iveco 7.5 hours to arrive, ticket price 86.5 yuan. From 6:00 to 18:00 every day, a bus leaves in 15 minutes, Volvo 3.5 hours to arrive, the ticket price is 68 yuan, Iveco to 4 hours, the ticket price is 42.5 yuan. There are only four direct buses a day: 7:15, 8:00, 13:40, 14:40, the ticket price is 24.50 yuan, and the ride is less than 3 hours. For convenience, you can first arrive, and then turn to the car of these two lines, 6:00-18:00 every day, there is a trip every 15 minutes, -17.5 yuan, -10 yuan, the car is more than an hour. The bus terminal is located at 74 Dongcheng Road (junction).


Buses The city's buses have grown to more than 20 routes, serving all the city's attractions and major neighborhoods. Bus fare is $1 and minibus fare is $1.5. Taxi fares start at 5 yuan (3 km), after 3 km, 1.2 yuan per kilometer, after 8 km, 1.8 yuan per kilometer, night travel increased by 20%. In addition, the city tour car service, China Travel agency fleet, Longwei travel agency fleet and other units also provide tour charter business.


The food and snack industry is very developed, the famous restaurants stand in the street, not only can provide a variety of Chinese and foreign cuisines, but also can provide unique seafood banquet and flavor snacks, basically can meet the needs of various tourists at home and abroad. The new Heavenly and Earthly Food Palace in Tiandu City is equipped with casual hot pot and North-South snacks. Free hot pot, 10 yuan pot bottom, rich variety, arbitrary choice; The North-South snack set brings together 16 kinds of famous snacks in the north and south, including fried rice, curry beef rice, and rice noodles across the bridge. After 21:00 every night, there is also a leisure bar with European and American atmosphere, specially hired professional bartenders to make drinks, which is very popular with guests. The shopping guide's bustling business district is around Xinwei Road, Lu, Haibin North Road and Wenhua Road. It is the closest city in China to Korea, where you can buy a lot of cheap Korean goods. The Samhae Korean Fashion City and the Korean Famous Goods City (formerly the commercial building) located at the tourist wharf enjoy a high reputation. It attracts many tourists with its high-quality commodities, low prices, reasonable layout and first-class facilities. Rich in products, rich in prawns, sea cucumbers, abalone, shellfish, algae and various economic fish and other 300 kinds of seafood, "Jiaodong big peanuts", "apple", "yellow peach", "Yang pear" and other local products are also famous at home and abroad. In addition, it is also the largest producer of mountain flower carpets and fishing rods, tin set, embroidery, leather shoes, silk, plush toys and other products are also well-known outside.


Folk Festival The International Fishing Festival is an international folk traditional festival in July. At that time, the fishermen of China, Japan, South Korea and other countries, at the same time, in their respective countries, with their own unique customs and habits, the sea of people, singing and dancing, long wish. As the main venue in China, it attracts many tourists from home and abroad to go sightseeing and vacation at this time of year. Kunyu Mountain will be on May 20-22, at that time, the Sacred water scenic spot will launch folk art performance, Taoism Quanzhen root search tour, calligraphy stone carving culture training, economic and trade negotiations and other activities, every year to attract hundreds of Japan, South Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions to participate in the event. Due to the location of the coastline, often encounter weather changes, be sure to pay attention to the weather forecast before departure. Be sure to have fresh seafood, go to wheat seafood is not only fresh and cheap, and then go to rice processing.